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We Match Required Talent with Ambitious Companies

Companies active in the world of high technology struggle everyday to keep up with the growing need for highly trained and skilled technical staff, which often act as a brake on their research and development of new products or other vital processes of their day-to-day business.

Through many years of cross border headhunting for our customers Bright-Minded has succeeded in building up a large, global network and a solid experience on recruitment of technical specialists from all over the world.

By leveraging Artificial intelligence (or AI) and Big Data, our innovative platform targets more qualified candidates than ever before. We provide a more effective sourcing and outreach to identify the ideal fit. The main benefit will be to provide a viable, dynamic, and visible talent pipeline that can be searched and refined according to scaling or changing needs.


Bringing together the best of candidates with the most growth-oriented of companies


Through Bright-Minded you can accelerate your international working carrier and you will get access to interesting jobs with technology companies in all of Northern Europe, which growth and development is founded entirely on Research & Develoment.

All you have to do is contact one of our District Recruiters and he or she will guide you and take you through the qualification process that includes filling in a form, a personal interview and undergoing a test. – We look forward to receiving your call!


By means of a screened database of highly qualified candidates Bright-Minded will assist you finding the right candidate for your company. All you have to do is register on the Bright-Minded Recruitment Portal and sign-up for a subscription and you can start searching among all the candidates of our database.

The Bright-Minded Portal is based on Quality – we maintain a screened database, Ease-of-use – via algorithms and A.I. we have made it possible for you to search the database and find what you are looking for in a matter of minutes – and Affordability.

District Recruiter

Via the flexible concept of the Bright-Minded Recruitment Portal it is possible for you, as a professional recruiter, to become a local partner. As such, your job is it to attract and search for qualified candidates, which can be registered and uploaded on the Bright-Minded Recruitment Portal.

In order to become a District Recruiter you should be working as professional recruiter, you are used to search for, to interview and to evaluate on candidates and you should possess comprehensive experience from search of candidates for technology companies. Do write us or give us a call.


As professional recruitment people we have carried out a lot of recruitments for companies all over Northern Europe, which has helped us build a solid experience on evaluating and testing candidates. Feel free to contact us for advice on your coming carrier move.

This is a community, in which you will be exposed to and evaluated by the most ambitious high technology companies of Northern Europe. Here is what you have to do:


District Recruiter

Contact one of our disctrict recruiters, who will guide you on your next carrier move and who will take you through the process of being registered and up-loaded on the Bright-Minded Recruitment Portal.



You will fill in a form, in which you will be asked to submit all information about your professional background such as education, work experience, technical interests etc.



You will undergo a behavior test in order for you and your future employer to get a good idea of your personal characteristics and strengths in a work context.



You will be interviewed by the District Recruiter, who will draw up a candidate description for you and your future employer to read, which will define your professional profile by summing up all the information you have submitted to Bright-Minded in the qualification and clarification process.



If you and the District Recruiter agree you are ready for the next step, your profile will be uploaded on the portal for the companies to see, upon which you can be approached by companies with regard to potential job offers.



On the Bright-Minded Recruitment Portal you will find highly educated and qualified only candidates, which are very motivated and looking for interesting, technical challenges within companies with a distinct, technical ambition. The basic principles of the Bright-Minded Recruitment Portal are:



Each and every candidate of the portal has been screened, which means he / she has filled in a Bright-Minded Recruitment Portal form submitting all information about his / her technical and professional background, he / she has undergone a behavior test and he / she has been interviewed by a recruitment professional, who has afterwards summed up all information about him / her in a candidate description.


Ease of use

Based upon fast end efficient quering algorithms and A.I. the Bright-Minded Recruitment Portal is designed to make search of candidates in the database very quick and easy. By means of typing in a small number of precise search-words, you will in no time generate a shortlist of well suited candidates.



A subscription to the Bright-Minded Recruitment Portal, which enables you to, unlimited, search among all of the candidates in the database, is Euro 25,00 pr. month. Apart from the extended search facility you will get access to ”How to go about it”, which is a meticulous manual that descripes all the neccesary steps and processes you should go through when recruiting an employee abroad. – If and when you decide to approach one of the candidates in order to initiate a dialogue, the price of a click is Euro 450,00. –


Why Choose Us

Fast Hiring Process

Normally recruitment of an employee is a time consuming matter that will take months, but the Bright-Minded Recruitment Portal makes is possible for you to move from decision on staff extension to hire within a few weeks.

Low Fees

The concept of the Bright-Minded Recruitment Portal is based on a value-for-money principle, which makes it an affordable and very attractive recruitment option to all types of companies.

Large Talent Pool

The foundation of the Bright-Minded Recruitment Portal is a large database of highly motivated and screened candidates. By means of an optimized search facility based on algorithms and A.I. it is possible for you to do a targeted search for a candidate with the right profile in no time.

Local & Remote

Our network of professional District Recruiters all over Europe is your guarantee that only the best of candidates uploaded on the Bright-Minded Recruitment Portal for companies from all over Northern Europe to seach from.


The founders of The Bright-Minded Recruitment Portal are themselves very experienced on crossborder headhunting & recruiment, and so they have assisted a large number of North European companies recruiting highly trained, technical staff abroad.

Custom Consulting

In order to make sure that the candidates of the portal are ready for an international carrier and that he / she has got the right motivation they have all undergone a behavior test and a personal interview by skype.

For Companies

As professional recruitment people we have carried out a lot of recruitments for companies all over Northern Europe, which has helped us build a solid experience on recruitment af candidates for all types of positions – to first and foremost private sector companies. As such we offer:

Board Recruitment

Recruitment of candidates for boards. A board should create value for a company,and the fruit of it’s work should improve your bottom line. Let Bright-Minded assist you putting together the right board for your company.

Building on more than 20 years of experience and by using consistent criteria and process we find the candidates with the right values, skills, attitude and commitment for leadership roles

Human Resource

Some companies prefer to keep all human resource related jobs in – house including recruitment of staff. At Bright-Minded we maintain a flexible approach on how to best assist our customers, and so we offer to undertake alle the administrative processes of hiring staff such as writing the job-add, administer / replying to incoming applications, organize and carry out the first interview etc. Give us a call and let us discuss how we help you the best!

Test and Assessment

Test and assessment of employees and teams. Bright-Minded helps you gain insight into your organization and the factors that motivate your employees.

With this knowledge you will be able to more efficiently recruit, maintain and develop the right people in your organization and thereby optimize their performance – together with you becoming a better manager.  

Classical Headhunting

Classical headhunting of specialists, middle management and top management for our customers.

Specialized Recruitment

Specialized recruitment of engineers highly competent within robotics, automation, hard- & software development and electronics.

Artificial Intelligence

Through the power and help of AI, we conduct consistent, precise and objective assessments reducing bias, enhancing the assessments and making the process more candidate-centric.


At Bright-Minded we cherish a close cooperation with professional partners, which can inspire us and help us improve our Bright-Minded Recruitment Portal to the benefit of our users. The partners of Bright-Minded are:

Itch Marketing


About us

The European high technology companies within robotics, automation, electronics and IT software are a major factor in the European economy. The sector is growing rapidly, but the lack of qualified engineers is hampering growth opportunities. The idea behind Bright-Minded is to develop a tool that enables these companies to efficiently recruit qualified candidates, in their own country as well as abroad, among experienced and newly graduated engineers from the best universities and higher education institutions in Europe.

With a substantial experience in solving international headhunting tasks and business development on has also gained a comprehensive cultural understanding.

The people behind Bright-Minded are very experienced headhunters, who have gained extensive experience with cross-border search & headhunting, onboarding, testing and assessment of candidates as well as other recruitment tasks. They have got many years of professional experience, and at the same they possess an innovative approach to running the company including development of new solutions to known issues among their customers.

The people behind Bright-Minded are very concerned about and committed to solving the major challenges facing the world community as of today, why one proactively supports the 17 goals of the UN.


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