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We Match Talent with Ambitious Companies

Our innovative platform, Bright Minded, aims to support companies in keeping up with the growing need for highly trained and skilled technical staff. What makes us different is that we have created a unique instrument that helps companies to get the perfect match between candidates and jobs’ specific needs, considering at the same time the cultural fit.

The results are visible: affordability, quick integration, and performance.

Through highly qualified partners, with many years of experience in cross border headhunting, Bright-Minded has succeeded in its first perfect match: humans and technology.

For Bright-Minded it is important to keep the human touch, on all those aspects that count, embedding cutting edge technologies that make partners’, candidates’ and customers’ experience more fun and easier.

Our innovative platform targets more qualified candidates than ever before, being highly effective in outreaching the ideal fit.

The main benefit is providing an affordable, dynamic, and verified talent pipeline that can be refined according to scaling or changing needs.

 As Richard N. Haass said, “Success in foreign policy, as in carpentry, requires the right tools for the job.”; it is the same in getting the right people.


Bringing together the best of candidates with the most growth-oriented of companies


Through Bright-Minded you can accelerate your international working career and you will get access to interesting jobs within technology companies all over Europe, which growth and development are mainly based on Research & Development.

All you have to do is to subscribe to Bright-Minded Portal or contact one of our Regional Partners and you will be guided through the entire process.

Imagine the culture you and your family want to experience and let us do the rest.

Relocation is easy with the right support and we are here for you.

We want you to pursue your happiness.

No fee or commission, just the desire to provide you the best experience working abroad.

We look forward to receiving your e-mail or your call or subscribe!


Bright-Minded assists you in getting the Perfect Match for your company by putting at your disposal an updated database of highly qualified candidates.

The Bright-Minded Portal is based on quality and cutting-edge instruments to empower the Perfect Matching between candidates’ behavioral preferences & technical skills and job responsibilities & requirements.

A live database, ease-of-use allows you to search and find the best candidate in a matter of minutes.

We have already done for you the initial interview, the behavioral assessment and we have tackled the technical skills. Motivated and ready to go candidates are waiting for you at a click distance.

All you have to do is register on the Bright-Minded Portal, sign-up for a subscription and you can start searching among all the candidates.

Regional Partner

Via the flexible concept of the Bright-Minded Recruitment Portal it is possible for you, as a professional recruiter, to become a local partner. As such, your job is it to attract and search for qualified candidates, which can be registered and uploaded on the Bright-Minded Recruitment Portal.

In order to become a Regional Partner you should be working as professional recruiter, you are used to search for, to interview and to evaluate on candidates and you should possess comprehensive experience from search of candidates for technology companies. Do write us or give us a call.


What Bright-Minded offers you:

  • Support through the entire process.
  • Professionalism and high-standard
  • Transparency and communication.
  • Free assessment for the matching purposes, so you will be contacted only by those companies that have open jobs that are a fit with your requirements and desires, considering: the daily tasks & responsibilities, the technical skills, the core values and culture, location, salary package, etc.
  • You will get into a job where you will perform doing what you really like to do.
  • Relocation info that allows you a smoothly transition.
  • Supplementary paid services to enhance your personal development.

What we expect from you:

  • Fluent English.
  • Openness and communication
  • Desire to explore a new country and its culture and be part of it
  • Ready to relocate
  • Desire to be involved in challenging projects
  • Desire to learn the local language
  • You tell us the rest 😊

Feel free to contact us for advice on your coming career move.

This is a community, in which you will be connected with the most ambitious high technology companies in Europe. Here is what you have to do:


Regional Partner / Subscribing

Contact one of our Regional Partners, who will guide you on your next career move and who will take you through the process of being registered and up-loaded on the Bright-Minded Portal. Or subscribe yourself and a Regional Partner will contact you in the next 24 working hours.



You will fill in a form, in which you will be asked to submit all information about your professional background such as education, work experience, technical interests etc.


Behavioral Assessment

You will pass through a behavioral assessment in order for you and your future employer to get a good idea of your personal preferences and strengths in a work context.



You will be interviewed by the Regional Partner, who will be near you all the way through the entire process, which will define your professional profile by summing up all the information you have submitted to Bright-Minded in the qualification and clarification process.



If you and the Regional partner agree you are ready for the next step, your profile will be active and visible on the portal for the companies to see, upon which you can be approached by companies with regard to potential job offers.



On the Bright-Minded Portal you will find only highly educated and qualified candidates, which are very motivated and looking for interesting, technical challenges within companies with a distinct, technical ambition. The basic principles of the Bright-Minded Portal are:


Perfect Matching

We have created a unique instrument that perfectly matches the company’s needs with candidates’ potential. This is what, effectively, differentiate Bright-Minded Portal from all the others. This enables you, whether You are an HR Manager/Director, a Hiring Manager or a CEO, to find, at a click distance, the most suitable candidate that will perfectly integrate and bring to reality the forecasted results.

As Aristotle said, “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.”.



Each candidate on Bright-Minded Portal has passed already through a complex process, being closely supported by an experienced HR consultant. All the relevant and updated info about the technical and professional background, behavioral preferences in a work environment and inner driving forces have been revealed and completed on the candidate’s profile, just waiting for the perfect match. The perfect match happens when the candidate’s profile overlays in detail on the job description, the team’s needs, and cultural values.

As Aristotle said, for us, “quality is not an act; it is a habit.”.


Ease of use

Bright Minded Portal is the invisible experienced HR consultant you need. Based on fast and efficient querying algorithms, the Portal is specifically created to search for verified candidates very quickly and easy. Step-by-step, the system will guide you through the entire process. Answering to a well-thought inventory and typing-in specific key-words, in no time, you will be able to generate a shortlist of well-suited candidates. At a message-distance, you can access qualified experienced HR consultants, that are here to support You.



A subscription to the Bright-Minded Portal, enables you to unlimited search among all of the assessed candidates from the database. In your own pace, aside with the access to Bright-Minded extended search facility, the system guides you through all the necessary steps and processes you should go through when recruiting a new employee. You will have also, under your eyes, all aspects that you need to consider when you welcome aboard foreign people. Affordable price just at a click distance. Initiating a dialogue with one of the Bright-Minded candidates it is easier than ever.


Why Choose Us

Fast Hiring Process

Normally recruitment of an employee is a time-consuming matter that takes months. The Bright-Minded Portal makes possible for you to move from the decision of staff extension to hire within a few weeks.

Low Fees

The concept of the Bright-Minded Portal is based on a value-for-money principle, which makes it an affordable and very attractive recruitment option to all types of companies.

Large Talent Pool

The foundation of the Bright-Minded Portal is a large database of highly motivated and screened candidates. Using an optimized search facility based on specific algorithms it is possible for you to do a targeted search for a candidate with the right profile in no time.

On-site & Remote

Our network of professional Regional Partners all over Europe and the Bright-Minded unique instrument for perfect matching are your guarantees that only the best of candidates uploaded on the Bright-Minded Recruitment Portal for companies from all over Europe to search from.


All Regional Partners and founders inclusive of The Bright-Minded Portal are very experienced in their specialty, and so they have assisted a large number of companies all over Europe in recruiting highly trained, technical staff abroad + all other related HR services that a company need.

Custom Consulting

Each company is different due to the people held inside. Bright-Minded is here to really support your people regardless if they are HR Managers/Directors, Hiring Managers or other people that have HR-related responsibilities. Our responsibility is your people’s happiness. Right people into the right place at the right moment is what makes a fundamental difference.

For Companies

Bright-Minded offers support to all those who have human resources responsibilities in a company such as CEOs, HR professionals, Hiring Managers, etc. We know that employees are the most important resource of a company and its driving force.

So, what’s in it for them?


  • Objective and consistent support each time, all the time;
  • Easy to fill in and detailed thoroughly thought templates;
  • Respect for your budget and deadlines;
  • Focus on your main and surround you with qualified and skilled people screened and evaluated by professionals;

Let Bright-Minded assist you putting together the right board for your company.

Building on more than 20 years of experience and by using consistent criteria and process we find the candidates with the right values, skills, attitude and commitment for leadership roles.

Human Resources Professionals

Some companies prefer to keep all human resource-related jobs in-house including recruitment of staff. At Bright-Minded we maintain a flexible approach on how to best assist our customers.

  • Maybe you have some candidates and you need support only to make a hierarchy from the behavioral preferences point of view. The perfect match is when the candidate likes to do what the job requires to do.
  • Maybe you need a hand of help when writing the job description or the job ad.
  • Maybe you need help with a team diagnostic for improving the team’s cohesion and boost performance.
  • Maybe in-house or out-door training?
  • Conflict Management, Career Plan, Motivational strategies, Change Management, Stress Management, Leadership, Cultural integration, Communication etc.

Here we are! Give us a call and let us discuss how we help you the best!

Hiring Managers

You need good people in your team and you don’t know where to start?

Subscribe or contact us to guide you further.

Bright-Minded helps you to:

  • Fill-in easy job requirements and technical skills for getting the perfect match;
  • Find suitable candidates in a matter of minutes;
  • Have a good communication tool between all parties involved within the company and align everything before the process begin;
  • Focus on what is important for you and your main activities;
  • Gain insights into your organization and the factors that motivate your team;

With this knowledge you will be able to more efficiently recruit, maintain and develop the right people in your team and thereby optimize their performance – together with you becoming a better manager.

For Candidates

Bright-Minded is your professional support that helps candidates all over the world to fulfill their dreams. Developing your career internationally was never easier. Our promise is to help make the transition smooth and safe for you.

So how do we help you:

Fast and easy

Subscribing you will be guided by system and B-M regional partners to complete your profile fast and easy. Step by step you will reveal yourself to companies that are looking for people like you.

Behavioral Assessment

You will complete a behavioral inventory that will help in finding the job that you will love; “and you will never have to work a day in your life.”, as Mark Twain said.

Live your dream

In the location you would like to explore, you tell us what you love to do. We will connect you with companies that gives you the freedom to follow your passion and be the best in what you’re doing.

Regional Partners

Via the flexible concept of the Bright-Minded Portal, it is possible for you, to become a regional partner.

If you:

  • like to help people to find their dream job
  • love to analyze facts and behaviors to find the perfect match to connect humans to humans
  • like to spread the word about it
  • want to have freedom and flexibility in choosing your working environment
  • are driven by high standards and impact of your work

Then here we are!

Definitively you are bright-minded, independent and self-motivated, outgoing and persuasive, good at achieving “win-win” solutions, focused on accuracy and quality, check all the time the pros and cons of all options and don’t give up easily.

Do write to us or give us a call.

You tell us what you would love to do and we will find the right way to happen.


At Bright-Minded we cherish a close cooperation with professional partners, which can inspire us and help us improve our Bright-Minded Recruitment Portal to the benefit of our users. The partners of Bright-Minded are:

Itch Marketing


About us

The European high technology companies within robotics, automation, electronics and IT software are a major factor in the European economy. The sector is growing rapidly, but the lack of qualified engineers is hampering growth opportunities. The idea behind Bright-Minded is to develop a tool that enables these companies to efficiently recruit qualified candidates, in their own country as well as abroad, among experienced and newly graduated engineers from the best universities and higher education institutions in Europe.

With a substantial experience in solving international headhunting tasks and business development on has also gained a comprehensive cultural understanding.

The people behind Bright-Minded are very experienced headhunters, who have gained extensive experience with cross-border search & headhunting, onboarding, testing and assessment of candidates as well as other recruitment tasks. They have got many years of professional experience, and at the same they possess an innovative approach to running the company including development of new solutions to known issues among their customers.

The people behind Bright-Minded are very concerned about and committed to solving the major challenges facing the world community as of today, why one proactively supports the 17 goals of the UN.


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