Psychology or neuroscience?

Psychology or neuroscience? By Ecaterina Cocora Premises: It is a fact that humankind continuously evolves. We need objective instruments to help us cope with the increasing incertitude in our environment at work, at home, or other public places regardless of the various types of our activities. We know that the brain is a very complex machine, just as we know that some activities can be measured or observed. Scientists continuously discover areas of intracranial activity

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Open Letter

OPEN LETTER invitation to Bright-Minded! FREE SUBSCRIBE & SEARCH Dear Partners,  We know that social distance, self-isolation, and work from home have become the new normal, and recruitment and employment, at this time and probably after, comes with its own challenges. Bright-Minded responds to the need for rapid recruitment through innovative service, in trend with the latest neuroscience researches. At Bright-Minded: we have developed the tool for neurobehavioral profiling of the job we have developed

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