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  • Current Company 2018 - Present

    C/C++/Python Developer and Data scientist (Computer Vision)

    AI-Driven brand logotype tracker development • Adaptive data collection and labeling tool development • Full-stack developer/researcher for every part of the system: video decoding, detection, tracking, rendering, encoding, visualization (GUI), structurization of results [OpenCV, CudaSDK, DarkNetC, Boost, ImGUI]

  • Current Company 2017 - Present

    C#/Managed C++/C++/Python Developer (Computer Vision)

    Various algorithms aimed at quality inspection projects development • Computer vision algorithms development for medical equipment, wood production, and other specific projects • Base application maintenance and feature development • Data preparation and neural networks training for object detection and segmentation [OpenCV, CudaSDK, PylonSDK, .NET, DarkNetC, Tensorflow]

  • Upwork platform 2017 - 2017

    Cuda C/C++ Developer

    High-efficiency screen capture and processing tool • Image processing filters implementation in CUDA [OpenCV, CudaSDK]

  • Vakarų medienos grupė 2017 - 2017

    C++ Developer

    Production quality inspection using computer vision • 3rdParties and coding environment preparation • Camera control and frame grab utilities coding • Basic application infrastructure development [OpenCV, CudaSDK, WxWidgets, Boost, Spinnaker SDK]

  • Stream4s 2016 - 2017


    Holographic data streaming project • 3D and RGB data manipulation from multiple depth sensors (Kinect2) • Filtering algorithms, transformations, and post-processing • Holographic image (point cloud) visualization [OpenCV, Visualization Toolkit (VTK), libfreenect2, Boost]