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IP Network Engineer

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  • Current Company 2017 - Present

    Senior Transport Network Engineer

    Senior Network Design Engineer responsible for Transport Network Planning, Architecture and Technology evolution for the shared Mobile Backhaul (Vodafone Greece & Wind Hellas). IP/MPLS Network Solutions related to network optimization and for new network services that address sharing requirements. IoT (Interoperability Tests) and FOA (First Office Application) tests for introduction of new features in the network. HLD (High Level Design) and MOP (Method of Procedure) creation for various change requests. Rollout procedures establishment as well as Task Automation.

  • Victus Networks 2014 - 2017

    Transmission and Transport Network Engineer

    IP/MPLS Network Design, Optimization and Rollout for the shared IP Mobile Backhaul Network of Vodafone Hellas and Wind Hellas. My major projects were the integration of a new vendor into existing mobile backhaul network (Network Audit, Network Design, Rollout Procedures), QoS / TE / Service Availability optimization.

  • Cyta Hellas 2013 - 2014

    Network Design and Development Engineer (IP & DWDM)

    Design, development and optimization of company\'s Backbone Network. My major project was the design and implementation of the national DWDM network.

  • Cyta Hellas 2010 - 2013

    IP Core Network Engineer

    IP Core Network Engineer involved almost from company\'s start-up in the expansion, operation, design and optimization of the IP/MPLS backbone network.