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Robotics Software Engineer

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I am a Robotics R&D Engineer with a Ph.D. in Robot Kinematics and Control. My interests range from redundancy resolution and task priority formulations, to mobile manipulators, grasping and social robotics.

I have 7 years of hands-on experience with several robots (both industrial and humanoid) and robotics tools, and 2 years of experience in Machine Learning.

I am skilled at algorithm development and implementation, mathematical analysis, and code optimization.



  • Institute of Industrial and Control Engineering 2019


    My Ph.D. dissertation, with the title The robot null space: new uses for new robotic systems, dealt with the management of the kinematic redundancy in robotic systems with several tasks at dierent levels of priority: a teleoperation system consisting of a mobile manipulator and a free-ying camera from which the operator gets visual feedback of the scenario; and a humanoid robot used to convey emotional states to the user from its body motions.

  • Institute of Industrial and Control Engineering 2010

    M.Sc. Automatic Control and Robotics

    Master’s Degree in Automatic Control and Robotics focusing on robot kinematics and dynamics, motion planning, mobile robotics, AI, and object manipulation and grasping. The master’s thesis dealt with the inverse kinematics of the four-ngered Schunk Anthropomorphic Hand. The paper \Ecient and Practical Determination of Grasping Congurations for Anthropomorphic Hands\ was presented at the IFAC 2011.

  • ETSEIB, Technical University of Catalonia 2008

    B.Sc. Industrial Engineering


  • Aeolus Robotics, Inc. 2019 - 2020

    Senior Robotics Software Engineer

    As a part of the Manipulation team, I was involved in projects addressing the kinematic aspects of the robot, ranging from modeling and calibration to planning. Extensive testing on the robot, and code implementation, review and maintenance.

  • Transcoma Grupo 2017 - 2019

    Machine Learning R&D Engineer

    Responsible to search, analyze, design, and implement AI solutions to cope with the projects of the company. Extensive work with Python, NLP, NN, MongoDB.

  • Institute of Industrial and Control Engineering 2017 - 2017

    Robotics Software Developer

    Developer on The Kautham Project, a software for the simulation and planning of robot trajectories. My goal in this part-time job was two-fold: refactor its code, and expand the inverse kinematics module by coding and including the robots ABB Yumi and KUKA LWR. The job involved extensive programming in C++ and the design and implementation of the inverse kinematics algorithms.

  • Self-Employed 2017 - Present

    Robotics Software Developer

    Development of a custom-software for low-level communication and edition of online robot trajectories for Yaskawa robots in glass melting processes. C++ software development using Qt5 and required knowledge of INFORM, the YASKAWA robot programming language.

  • Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology 2015 - 2015

    Ph.D. Intership at the GVLab

    The goal of the internship in the GVLab was to develop an algorithm to use the null-space of a humanoid robot to convey emotions to humans as a lower priority task through its kinematic motions. The algorithm was successfully implemented in a Pepper robot and a user study was conducted to test the emotion conveyance rate.

  • Spanish Robotics Association 2010 - 2011


    Technician at the Secretariat of the AENOR CTN 116, the Technical Normalization Committee of Robotics and Automation.

  • Institute of Industrial and Control Engineering 2010 - 2016

    Research Assistant at the Robotics Lab

    Set-up of a control algorithm for the Kuka LWR on a ROS/Orocos node. Set-up of a network of robots (Kuka LWR, two Staubli TX90, haptic devices) using ROS. ROS set-up of the lab scenes.

  • InfoJobs.com 2004 - 2005

    Software Quality Engineer