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QA Specialist

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    Technical support

    Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with over 400 satisfied customers not even once losing a customer. • Worked on selling and installing fiscal devices as well as training customers, and supporting them in further work . I also acquired great level of tolerance as needed when working with various types of customers. • In these past six years I also acquired good networking skills installing printers and multi functional copier machines to print and scan via network. • Independece in work from selling devices, making contracts with custtomers to on site and remote assistance (Team Viewer, phone, e-mail, etc.), as doing numeros other stuff related to selling fiscal devices from invocing to debt collecting

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    QA Engineer

    • Currently working as a QA Engineer on a Asterisk based PBX web application. • Passion for quality and eye for detail. • Took active part in Scrum including sprint planning, feature demos, retrospectives and daily stand-up\'s • Organized test environments to make different types of testing like performance, browser compatibility, load, etc. • Identify and manage issues/defects, perform regression testing for each new build. • Work closely with the development and product teams to ensure all main functionalities of the application are tested. • Work with Linux because whole project is a Gentoo server based web application • Use Bash scripting for creating various test scenarios from network to performance testing. • Work with Postman and Newman for REST API testing. • Work on mobile and desktop application testing that are implemented with a main project. • Developed and executed test cases, designed sophisticated test plan for each functionality. • Developed my own helper application in Java based on a Selenium web driver for automated testing and various other test cases including API testing, creating .csv files, etc. I use this helper application whenever needed on a daily basis. • https://github.com/mah1r/AutoTest • Constantly working with Mysql as a part of Grey box testing, where I manipulate tabels for test cases and create bash scripts to accelerate creating inputs and values. • Working with Asterisk because whole project is a web application based on Asterisk. • Assisting developers with issue analysis.