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Nanotech Materials - Phd. / Lab Engineer

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• Analysing raw experimental data (Break Junctions, Electro-migration
experiments, TOF, STM, SEM, TEM, UV/Vis, etc.)
• Very good knowledge of simulations tools both from physics and quantum
chemistry point of view (Density Functional, Molecular Dynamics, etc)
• Computer savvy (Fortran, C++, Python, MATLAB, Unix, Macintosh, Linux,
Windows, MS Office Suite)
• Excellent quadrilingual communicational skills (English, Swedish, Serbian,
and German)



  • Uppsala University 1995-2005

    PhD, Master of Science, Licentiate

    • PhD in Theoretical/Computational Physics (Solid State Theory) PhD Thesis: “Electronic Transport in Materials” • Licentiate in Theoretical/Computational Physics (Solid State Theory) Licentiate Thesis: “Transport Properties of Tunnel-coupled Quantum Wires in a Magnetic Field” • Master of Science in Theoretical/Computational Physics (Solid State Theory), Master thesis: “Quantum Wells and Quantum Dots in High Magnetic Fields”


  • Current Company 2020 - Present

    Head of Materials Science

    Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Deep Reinforcement Learning, NLP, Natural Language Processing, and Predictive Analytics for Materials Design: Characterisation, Analysis and Prediction.

  • Self-employed 2019 - Present

    Scientific Consultant

    Consulting varying from numerical solutions to commercializing technology and assisting the spin-off process. Connecting nanotech people between industry and academia.

  • Nanomatch GmbH 2018 - 2018

    Scientific Consultant and Member of the Board

    Designed new use cases for the established technological solutions

  • Institute of Nanotechnology KIT 2014 - 2018

    Project Leader “Modelling of Carbon-based Nanostructures”

    Research group of Prof Dr Wolfgang Wenzel “Nanoscale and Biomolecular Simulation” • In silico design of molecular materials for applications within organic electronics (OLED, OPV, etc.) • Computer aided materials design: developed a multi-scale model to make predictive mobility simulations a possibility even for non-experts, • Organisation and execution of projects with partners from both industry and academia (including EC coordinated projects, e.g. MODIGLIANI) • Guidance of bachelor, master and PhD students at Physics Faculty, KIT • Administrative duties as coordination of Virtual Materials Design at KIT

  • Nanomatch GmbH 2014 - 2017

    Chief Scientific Officer

    Founder. Established and nurtured several industrial contracts with small, medium and large enterprises • Devised consulting projects with industrial partners: software sales, knowhow transfers and integrated cloud solutions

  • Institute of Nanotechnology / Steinbuch Centre for Computing, KIT 2006 - 2013

    Post Doc in theoretical physics, computational physics, scientific simulation and synthetic chemistry research groups

    Developed a simple to use graphical interface for modelling on HPC resources, allowing experimentalists and applied scientists to set up complex calculation workflows (www.multiscale-modelling.eu) • Performed electronic structure calculations as support to deeper understand various molecular electronics experiments