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Computer Engineer

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  • Czech Technical University -

    Exchange Program

    Autonomous Robotics and Computer Networks. I developed good skills in Python and C++.

  • University of Patras -

    Master in Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Division: Control and Automation Systems. Acquired skills on mathematics, coding, security, troubleshooting, flexibility.


  • Current Company 2019 - Present

    IT Consultant

    Primary technical person for designing the deployment, automation, and troubleshooting technical issues. Designed the infrastructure DEV, UAT, PROD, CI/CD from scratch. Scaled the project to Deloitte Global for supporting big clients. Software Development and technical troubleshooting for SSO, SSL, API. Skills: Python Software Development (Data Processing), Infrastructure, CI/CD, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Nginx, MySQL, Reverse Proxy, Linux, Network Security, HTTPS, SSL/TLS, Performance Tests.

  • ComAp 2019 - 2019

    Computer Engineer

    Developed an innovative module for Electric Generators that will prevent failures and will give an early overview of their condition. Ability to reduce costs by 12% and to improve up-time by 9% Skills: Python Software Development, Data Engineering, Forecasting

  • Citrix 2018 - 2018

    Business Analyst

    Developed software that estimates the usage time of SaaS applications by analyzing big datasets. Skills: Spark, Scala, Azure, SQL, Hadoop, Linux, and Tableau for visualization

  • Early Stage Startup 2017 - 2018

    Computer Engineer - Founder

    Developed a low-cost prototype device that monitors a huge number of refrigerators for protecting consumer products and preventing electrical faults. I used based C++ language, HW/SW, Web Programming, Data Visualization, etc.

  • Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems & Automation (LMS) 2016 - 2017

    Robot Engineer Intern

    I assembled 3D parts, built a virtual COMAU robot and simulated the robot in a virtual environment without collisions. I used Linux, ROS, etc.