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Software Engineer (Automotive)

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  • Czech Technical University in Prague. 2015 - Present

    Ph.D. _ Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

    ▪ Telecommunications Systems Management. ▪ Telematic services. ▪ Digital Signal Processing in Telecommunications. ▪ Photovoltaic systems. ▪ Information security. ▪ Optical Systems and Networks.

  • Tishreen University, Latakia, 2008-2013

    Mechatronics Engineering Degree

    ▪Robots. ▪Expert systems. ▪Flexible manufacturing. ▪Image processing. ▪Real time systems. ▪Electrical appliances. ▪Mechatronics applications. ▪Computer based control. ▪Automatic control. ▪Artificial intelligence. ▪Communication systems.


  • Current Company 2020 - Present

    Engineering Consultant

    QLTEC Measurement Data viewer is software for Data analyzing, filtering and plotting. It is built for analyzing the test signals and generating test reports in automotive industry. ▪ Analysis of software requirements ▪ Prepare the software development environment. ▪ Build new tools ▪ Find the bugs and defects and fix them ▪ Implement units’ test. ▪ Write software documentation ▪ Provide training to the users.

  • Valeo Autoklimatizace, K.s. 2017 - 2019

    Software Engineer

    ▪ Specification, planning, execution and analysis of System/ Software tests. ▪ Linkage between system specification and system test specification. ▪ Initial system test including integration tests. ▪ Creation and execution of vehicle test cases. ▪ White and black box testing. ▪ Test automation. ▪ Creation of test plan and test reports. ▪ Verification of the system functionality, problem analyses. ▪ Presentation of the system (theoretical and practical) for internal and external customers.

  • ŠKODA Auto 2014 - 2017

    Test Engineer

    E-Mobility project. ▪ Specification, planning, execution and analysis of tests. ▪ link age between system specification and system test specification. ▪ Smog tests and Integration tests. ▪ Development of software testing tools. ▪ Problem ana lyses ▪ Presentation of the test reports ▪ Organizing of the software tests. ▪ Collaboration on the specification of software requirements , and requirements analysis.