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Automation engineer

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A committed and driven BEng Automation Engineer a sound understanding of control systems, motion control, robotics, mechatronics and manufacturing, specialized on Industrial Controllers. Utilises sound organisation and planning skills to deliver assignments within set timeframes and to a high quality standard, having 3 years expirience as an electrician and 1 year as an Automation Engineer, Completion of work with a banner of 120 signals for an automatic feta production line  



  • Piraeus University of Applied Sciences 2009-2015

    BEng Automation Engineer

    Participation in exchange program for winter semester of 2013/2014 in Instituto Politechnico do Cavado e do Ave (IPCA), Braga, Portugal


  • Current Company 2019 - Present

    Automation Engineer

    Writing PLC software’s (Ladder Logic-TIA Portal) for food industries, completing software with up to 120 signals. Developing Electrical Design using EPLAN.

  • Vioral S.A. 2016 - 2019


    Repairing, maintaining and installing everything related to electrical equipment in an automotive industry

  • FD SYSTEMS 2015 - 2016

    Fire Safety Engineer

    Installing, maintaining and parametrizing Fire Alarm Systems in companies like Parnassos ski resort, Karaiskaki Stadium, Athens stock exchange and many more.

  • Piraeus University of Applied Sciences 2014 - 2015

    Professor’s assistant

    Helping students in laboratories of Electronic Engineering Drawing, Automatic Control Systems, Industrial Installation Systems, while working in the University’s research team for developing applications based on MSP430 microcontroller of Texas Instruments under the supervision of professor Dimitrios Pyromalis.