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Senior Software Developer

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• Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
• Reliable, cooperative character, has worked efficiently and technically lead international teams.
• Excellent communication skills, speaks 4 languages. Work experience in a distributed multinational environment.

• Senior software engineer, writing clean, self-documenting, reusable, reliable, and highly performant Java since 2008.
• Experienced in designing and developing web applications using Java EE, Rest/SOAP Webservices, API Design, Object Oriented Design Domain Modelling.
• Designed, configured and maintained systems of Docker containers, Virtual Machines, database and application servers.
• Designed the architecture and lead the deployment of distributed systems and software system components.
• Many years’ experience in relational (Oracle, MySQL) and non-relational (MongoDB, Apache Jenna TDB, Apache Cassandra)

Technology Skills
Java, Java EE, AKKA, Hibernate, Spring Framework, Struts Framework, Vaadin, JSP, Liferay, SOAP/Restfull webservices, Maven, Gradle, Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, MQTT, JavaScript, HTML, CSS , Bootstrap, Glassfish, Tomcat, Oracle Server, BEA Server, Ontologies, OWL, RDF/RDFS, JSON, XML, XPath, XSL, XSLT, C/C++, MPI, OpenMP, ROS (Robot Operating System), ROS Java, C#, PHP, Prolog, SQL, PL/SQL, BPEL, BPMN, MathWorks Matlab, Gnu Octave, MiniZinc, Git, Sourcesafe, SVN, Jenkins, Parallel Programming, Web Development, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Apache Jenna, OR-Tools, Docker, Virtual Machines, Oracle DB, MySQL, MongoDB, Apache Jenna TDB, Apache Cassandra, Android, Linux/Unix, Windows



  • National Technical University of Athens – University of Piraeus, Greece 2009-2011

    Inter- Departmental MBA Course, “Techno-Economic Systems”.

    • Field of Study: Production Management • Thesis: “Analysis and improvement of a credit control information system.” (Grade: 10/10) • GPA:8.27/10

  • National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Athens, Greece 2003-2008

    “Diploma” (MEng equivalent) in School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

    • Field of Study: Energy • Study Flows: Computer Science, Computer Hardware Engineering, Software Engineering, Electric Power Systems, Energy Conversion, High Voltages and Industry Applications. ▪ Diploma Thesis: “Development and Evaluation of an Innovative Optimization method using Evolutional Programming” (Grade: 10/10). Diploma Thesis’ work published in Scientific Journal Article. • GPA: 8.00/10


  • Current Company 2011 - Present

    Senior Software Developer

    • Architecture, design and development of software systems. API Design, Domain Modelling. Real time distributed applications, optimization, efficient collaboration and integration. • Technical Lead, organizing technical partners creating development roadmaps, agile approach • Participating in meetings (plenary, review, technical), telcos and conferences with project partners and external parties (e.g. experts, professionals, interested parties). • Main Technologies used: Java 14, Gradle, Maven, Java EE, Vaadin, AKKA, Ontologies (RDF/RDFS, OWL), MySql, MongoDB, Jenna, Cassandra, ROS, Liferay, C/C++, Webservices (REST/WSDL), Docker, GIT/SVN Projects • SHERLOCK: Software system architecture & API Design for human-robot collaborative system. Design and development of a human-robot collaboration orchestration system. Software System Development Tech Lead. (Java 14, Java EE, ROS, AKKA, MongoDB, JUNIT, Gradle, C/C++, REST webservices, JSON, GIT, Docker, SVN, JavaScript, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, Linux Ubuntu 18, Windows 10, Glassfish, Jenkins) • SHAREWORK: System Software architecture and API design for human-robot collaboration. Data Security, Continuous Integration. (Java 14, ROS, Ontologies, OWL, MongoDB, JUNIT, Gradle, C/C++, REST webservices, JSON, GIT, Docker, SVN, Linux Ubuntu 18, Windows 10) • PRODUCTIVE 4.0: Design and development of an ontology enabled platform used in IoT enabled Manufacturing. (Java 8+, Java EE Ontologies, OWL, Jenna, Cassandra, REST webservices) • THOMAS: Distributed SoA system architecture & API Design, Design and Development of Web. Software System Development Tech Lead. (Java 14, Java EE, ROS, AKKA, MongoDB, JUNIT, Gradle, C/C++, REST, JSON, GIT, Docker, SVN, JavaScript, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, Linux Ubuntu 18, Windows 10, Jenkins) • ICP4LIFE: Architecture, design and development of an integrated IoT system for product and service design. Software System Development Tech Lead. (Java 8+, Java EE, JUNIT, Gradle, REST, JSON, XML/XSD, Docker, SVN, JavaScript, Vaadin, Bootstrap HTML, CSS, Linux Ubuntu, Windows, Virtual Machine, Apache Cassandra, Apache Kafka, Apache Jenna, Jenkins) • ROBOPARTNER: Distributed Architecture Deisgn. Design and development of the integrated system which includes Augmented Reality support, Task Scheduling, Intralogistics management, mobile robots coordination, robot programming, real time monitoring of shopfloor, safety systems. Software System Development Tech Lead. (Java EE, JUNIT, Vaadin, Maven, XML/XSD, SOAP Webservices, Mongo DB ROS, C/C++, SVN, Linux Ubuntu, Windows 10, Glassfish, Apache Jenna, Virtual Machines) • IMAGINE: Design, development and integration of a near-real time system for Dynamic Manufacturing Networks. (Java EE, JUNIT, Maven, XML/XSD, SVN, Vaadin, Linux Ubuntu, Windows, Virtual Machine, MySQL, Hibernate, Apache Jenna, Glassfish)

  • Hellenic Army 2010 - 2011

    Soldier at Signal Corps

    • Military obligations fulfilled. • Cryptographic systems, microwave communication, radios, Classified information transmission and handling. • Maintenance and operation of the military IT infrastructure.

  • CASP SA, Greece 2010 - 2010

    Software Engineer

    • Full-time occupation. Worked as a member of a team to design and implement web applications. (Java EE, PL/SQL, JAVA SE, STRUTS, Hibernate, Spring, Web Services, XML/XSD, Discrete Event Simulation and Optimization Libraries, Desmo -J)

  • Cognity S.A. 2008 - 2010

    J2EE Consultant

    • Full-time occupation. Worked as a member of a team in direct communication with clients to design and implement real time software for a Credit Control System as well as ERP, network monitoring and integration projects in telecommunication service providers. Mainly used Java EE, Pl/SQL, Oracle Web Server, Oracle Database Server, Web-Services, BEA-Server, Integration

  • Institute of Communications and Computer Systems, National Technical University of Athens 2008 - 2010

    Scientific Associate

    • Part-time occupation. Participated in design and Java development tasks for European Research projects.

  • National Technical University of Athens 2009 - 2010

    Computer Science Tutor

    • Part-time occupation. Organized and delivered private lectures for 1 academic year in Computer Science, web development and databases at a University student. Course included PHP, MySQL, XML and XSLT.

  • AID School 2008 - 2009

    Artificial Intelligence Tutor

    • Part-time occupation. Organised and delivered lectures to two classes of University Students. • Theory and applications of: First and Second order Logic, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Expert Systems and Genetic Algorithms. • Programming tools and languages used: GNU Octave, Matlab, C, Prolog, CLIPS, WEKA. • All students succeeded in the exams, some with excellent grades.