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Robotics Software Engineer

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Programming/Scripting Languages
Advanced C, C++, Python, Lua, Matlab, LATEX
Intermidiate Go, SQL, OpenGL, Qt, HTML, CSS, XML
Novice Javascript



  • Instituto Superior Técnico - Universidade de Lisboa 2004-2012

    MSc. Aerospace Engineering

    Preferred skills in mathematics, physics, computer programming, microprocessors and digital systems, control and continuum mechanics.


  • Current Company 2017 - Present

    Aerospace Robotics Software Engineer

    Lead software engineer in the Human Robot Interaction Laboratory. Responsibilities include software architecture, management of small development team, and software development for Analog1 ESA mission. In this mission, software will be qualified for space usage by an astronaut aboard the ISS to control a rover in a remote site, on Earth, with the goal of conducting geological exploration tasks. The secondary mission is to gain fundamental knowledge in the overall systems which is mainly developed in house and apply it to the real Lunar or Martian mission. Linux PREMPT_RT and Xenomai real-time target customization for x86 targets using Buildroot. Development of MATLAB code generation for real targets. Development of software control models for several robotic arms, KUKA, Schunk, and Franka. Development of low bandwidth video streaming software using GStreamer and FFMpeg. Development of backend Qt QML user interface for human robot operation. Development of software and control algorithms for rover platforms.

  • Lockheed Martin 2015 - 2017

    Aerospace Embedded Real-time Software Engineer

    Lead software engineer for Airbus 320 display system. In this project the Thales A653 applications where integrated into a A653 APEX emulation in a Linux OS on a PowerPC architecture. Lead software engineer for Airbus 350 display system from Thales Avionics. Good understating of Airbus documentation and VCom communication protocols. In depth understanding of aircraft protocols like A429, A629, A653, A664/AFDX, Mil-1553, CAN and their software implementation, with a major focus in latency. Main developer of distributed solution running on Linux Xenomai with ZeroMQ publish and subscribe communication for integration with software simulated aircraft systems, with extremely low latency. Lead software engineer of Siemens PLC systems via profinet and profibus, for integration of physical aircraft cockpit panels with software simulated aircraft systems. Project lead and main software engineer for Jeppesen mapping technologies. This project provided quite a good understanding of cartographic techniques and their C++ implementation on a 2D and 3D earth visualization rendered in Qt and OpenGL.

  • Lockheed Martin 2013 - 2015

    Aerospace Simulation Software Engineer

    Software development of Boeing 777 full flight simulator. Implementation of the real-time simulation of General Electric GE90 turbofan engine and Honeywell AlliedSignal auxiliary power unit (APU) in C++. Unit testing of those systems using Lua and full integration with other simulated or real aircraft systems. Integration off B777 Airplane Information Management Systems (AIMS) delivered by Flight Safety International. Supported final delivery and qualification of the full flight simulator in direct contact with the customer, Lufthansa Flight Training. Extensive understanding of Boeing documentation, schematics and aviation protocols. Understanding of flight procedures and of many of aircraft components and systems, with +1000 hours of B777 full flight simulator.

  • IN+ Center for Innovation Technology and Policy Research 2011 - 2013

    Research Assistant

    Developed an experimental setup using Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV) that constitutes a fully-functional high-speed system for velocity measurements of laminar acoustic pulsated flames. The experimental setup required setting up lasers and high speed cameras, and developing software codes for high speed Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and an electronic system for signal logic control. I also applied other fluid measurement techniques, such as PIV. I worked under the coordination of Professor Edgar C. Fernandes.

  • UAVision - Engenharia de Sistemas 2009 - 2009

    Technical Consultant

    Elaboration of two technical reports, “Initial Design of Long Endurance UAV” and “Analysis of Available Hydrogen Propulsion Technologies for an UAV”. Studies requested by UAVision, with the goal of producing a long-endurance unmanned aircraft using hydrogen as the main fuel.

  • Iwaytrade - Consultoria e Sistemas de Informação e Gestão S.A. 2006 - 2013

    IT Assistant

    Assistance in setting up and monitoring computer networks in conferences, exhibitions, and other major events.


C and C++
Linux platform
Video processing