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Robotics Automation Specialist

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Who am I?

I am an automation engineer fully immersed in the software for Industrial Automation systems.
I have experience in all project life cycle. From the development of Functional Design Specifications,
the documents based on the User Requirements, going through implementing and fully testing the
proposed solution and finally reporting the system built.
What have I done?
My hard work, ethics and performance have given me the chance to lead projects for one of the
world’s biggest airports. I have taken care of the budget and fully delivered the complete design
of Electrical and Controls for Heathrow Airport (LHR). Including but not limited to Functional and
Technical documentation, Controls System Design, Emulation, PLC and SCADA Programming.

How do I work?

Working in London has given me the perfect opportunity to work in a multicultural team, valuing the
diverse contributions from my colleagues and encouraging them to contribute with their input to the
I believe in perfection but only from customer’s eyes. Therefore, I always make sure stakeholders
are happy with the solution adopted. Regular meetings and benchmarks are the methods used to
achieve that perfection.
I am good at recognising bottle neck issues both in systems and working procedures. Always willing
to improve and evolve.
Loving what I do makes happiness my natural mood. I am good at interpersonal skills and I really
believe I get the best from the people that surround me. Passion has led me to leading companies
throughout my career.

What do I know? (Keywords)

Development tools (TIA Portal, Step 7, WinCC, WinCC OA, Amtech, EPlan, Robot Studio)
Emulation tools (Demo3D, Experior)
Industrial Control Solutions Architectures (AS-i, Profibus , Profinet, Industrial Ethernet) Safety
Systems (Safety PLCs, Safety Monitors (ASIMON, MSS)).
High level languages (C, C++, VBA, Python).
Certified by SIEMENS in PLC Programming S7 1500 (TIA Portal) and SCADA Programming (WinCC