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Machine Design Consultant

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  • Current Company 2020 - Present

    Machine Design Consultant

    Work output: Computer numerically controlled machine concepts, animated designs, simulated mechatronics, and a design specification.

  • Alten Ltd 2019 - 2020

    Software Engineer

    Contributions include process development: I developed a robust data visualisation tool for schedulability analysis. The tool was developed using Matlab object-oriented programming, unit tests, and user acceptance tests. This tool improved quality by replacing a faulty tool, and has the potential of reducing work-time by 20 min per a timing requirement (127 hours for the whole team). The value add of the tool to the customer resulted in full payment of the development cost for Alten Ltd. Work output: Data visualisation tool, automating modifications to code, reviewing code, updating and reviewing delivery documentation, and DO-178B software practices.

  • Naysmith 2018 - 2018

    Process Development

    Core focus involved supporting and coordinating the research efforts of a small team in the development of a novel sheet metal moulding process. The results exceeded customer expectations and transitioned the technology from a readiness level of 0 to ~3, which allowed increased investment. Work output: Producing G-codes, programming a custom G-code-parser, establishing a design specification, designing for structural load requirements, producing high quality diagrams in Acrobat Illustrator, mechanical prototypes, and prototype testing.

  • Fraunhofer IPA (Medical Devices) 2016 - 2017


    Activities included, searching for control solutions using Simulink, and identifying lag compensation as a method to increase the stability of a marginally stable system. I was also responsible for the digital calibration of hydraulic position sensors. (The calibrated look-up table was used to calculate the desired control inputs for the system.) In addition, I developed designs to integrate linear encoders into a mutileaf collimator, which would be used in the real-time control of radiotherapy beam profiles. Work output: Running experiments using LabVIEW interfaced with an Arduino controller and programming an Arm processor for receiving quadrature signals.


R&D processes
Programming Madlab and C++
Realtime software control
Mathematical modelling