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.Net Software Developer

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  • Current Company 2020 - Present

    Application Developer

    Installation and configuration of the pre-trained models, the required images, and adjusting the model code to enable the voice feedback. Jetson supports offline service for image classification and object detection. Skills: Nvidia Jetson nano tool kit, Python, Computer vision

  • Cybercom Group 2020 - 2020

    Software Engineer (Azure Developer)

    Involved in the development of Azure AD authentication of quality inspection application for PDF document. This application is to check whether the document contains and matches specific patterns or not. Two ways (POC) were implemented to deal with Azure users’ authentication: the first one is to add the external users immediately (PowerShell) and the second option is to give an access to the external Azure tenant group. Skills: Azure AD, Javascript, Powershell Script

  • Polestar 2019 - 2019

    Software Engineer

    Implemented the frontend part of the “Show Rooms Cars” which is a web portal that helps and supports the sales employees to deal with the customers. This application offers the following features: news list, document, menus and alerts managements. Skills: Agile Scrum Methodology, AWS API gateway, JIRA, React-hooks, CSS.

  • SKF Group 2018 - 2019

    Software Engineer (.NET developer)

    - Maintenance and development of the tool which is to support Sync tool IOT device to measure the vibrations, this tool helps to track and display the status of the ship. It offers the ability to check the current version for the installed system, publish a new version to the ship and illustrate the history logs. - Involved in the development of IOT system (POC) to receive requests for machine \Bearing\ health check from the cloud backend, then it will collect the measurements and resend them back to the cloud. This system is built depending on the client side by using Electron and ReactJS. Skills: Agile Scrum Methodology, API Design, C# programming, JS, REST web service, VSTS extensions, Azure

  • Cybercom Group 2018 - 2018

    Application Developer

    Implemented a web application for displaying all the innovations zones of Cybercom Group with QR code reader. Azure cloud, Azure table and blobs were used in the backend and Azure JavaScript library SDK in the frontend development [http://summit.cybercom.com]. Skills: AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), Bootstrap, CSS 3.0, JS, Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

  • Västtrafik 2018 - 2018

    Machine Learning Software Engineer

    Design and development of an empty lots parking prediction system. This system required applying data analytics to prepare the input data and implemented many machine learning algorithms to evaluate the model. ML algorithms: Two ensemble supervised machine learning algorithms have been evaluated which are Boosted Decision Tree Regression and Decision Forest Regression. Skills: Microsoft Azure ML, Machine Learning, MS SQL Server, Python, PostgreSQL.

  • Swerea 3D Printing 2017 - 2018

    Software Engineer (.NET developer)

    Implemented an integrated solution for tracking and tracing for 3D printing order. Each order has many projects and each project contains many parts to implement and 3D printer required a special type of file extensions. This project has a robust workflow that controls and organizes all the required files for printing. Skills: Amazon AWS, API Design, ASP.NET MVC, C#

  • Enjaz 2016 - 2017

    Software Engineer (.NET developer)

    Implemented IoT web application for generator, gas stations, and electric panels. Much data is sent from the sensors like temperature, pressure, fuel volume, and so on to the cloud as JSON format. Cloud backend developed by using C#, asp.net MVC API RESTful, and MS SQL as a database. The cloud software should receive and parse the sent data. Different conditions are applied to the received data like degree limitation of the temperature and pressure value. Also, this system offers notifications and an alert system that will depend on the received data and the selected conditions in the setting. Skills: ASP.NET core, RESTful API, Swagger, MS SQL, Angular

  • Syriacomm Group 2011 - 2014

    Software Engineer (.NET developer)

    • Implemented Career Application which is an information system that helps job candidates to search and filter the available career opportunities. It also supports candidates to organize and generate their CVs in a standard format. The administration section has the facility to update all the dynamic components, they can sort and organize all the received requests. Skills: Yii 1.4 MVC, MySQL, Ajax, JavaScript. • Implemented the “Ticketing System troubleshooting” system for MTN GSM which is a comprehensive system for supporting companies to collaborate and organize troubleshooting among them. It helps users to open, filter, and sort tickets with a robust workflow which is determined by the administration section. This application helps the administration section to control, monitor, and generate reports for these tickets regarding criteria related to SLA. Skills: MVC & MySQL, Ajax, JavaScript, jQuery. • Maintenance and development of the Social Network which is an online social networking service for businessman and businesswoman with the total functionality of the social media like post, share, create a group, post a tender. Skills: ASP.Net, MVC, MS SQL Server, Entity Framework, JavaScript, Ajax.


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