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Lead Research Robotics Engineer

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  • LS2N - ECN 2014-2016

    PhD - Robotics

    Design and control of an anthropomorphic and dexterous robotic hand for a humanoid robot. Project conducted in collaboration with SoftBank Robotics Europe

  • ISICT 2008-2013

    High education in ICT

  • EMARO 2011-2013

    Master Degree - Robotics Eng

    - Double degree: Italian 110/110, French ”Tr`es bien” - Got Erasmus Mundus Grants - One year @ Universit´a degli studi di Genova (UNIGE) - One semester @ Ecole Centrale de Nantes (ECN) - One semester @ Shanghai Jiao Tong University

  • Universita' di Genova 2008-2011

    Bachelor Degree - Compute Science Eng


  • Dyson 2019 - Present

    Lead Research Robotics Engineer

    [ Main activities ] - Designing advanced control algorithms for advanced multi-body robotics platforms - Implementing and testing control strategies both on numerical simulator and physical platforms - Providing design requirements impacting control performance to designers for platform improvements - Identifying best control strategies to meet functional requirements - Cooperating in the design of a comprehensive and cross-platform control framework

  • Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) 2017 - 2018

    Senior Mechatronics Engineer

    [ Main activities ] - Ensure technological and technical advancement of both projects according to clinical requirements - Implement daily coordination to support multidisciplinary teams in the product development, by defining priorities, tracking progress and boosting communication and teamwork - Challenge concepts in order to achieve the optimum design within the boundaries of time, specification and cost, maintain and manage the risks - Contribute to technical developments as a mechatronics/control engineer in the design of both robotics platforms - Coordinate and communicate project status within the organisations to ensure effective and timely input [ Main achievements ] - Simultaneous management of multiple projects - Reorganized daily coordination. shaped in function of each team expertise (mechanical, electronic and software) - Effective link between software and hardware development thanks to my mechatronics experience

  • SoftBank Robotics Europe 2014 - 2017

    Research Robotics Engineer

    [ Main activities ] - Implementation of high level control algorithms and GUI (C++, Python, Qt) - Low level control of brushless DC motors: FOC, position, velocity and force control, impedance control (C) [ Main achievements ] - Delivered a 5-fingered robotics hand respecting functional and technical requirements before the expected deadline - Defined key technical specifications for designing complex robotics platforms - Implemented an optimal (QP-based) and context-dependent control framework for an agile biped robot able to walk and jump


Kinematic and robot modeling
Sizing of robots
Robot Control
Coding in in C++ and Phyton
Project management