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Senior Software Engineer

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  • Current Company 2013 - Present

    Senior Software Engineer

    C#, Java, React, Vue, Typescript, Kubernetes, Docker, Azure, WPF, Redis, RabbitMQ  Participated in designing and developing a new service bus implementation for migrating the monolith core-banking application to micro-services that has more than 20 modules and serves 8m customers.  Participated in designing and implementing a cash management application, removing the development cost for integrating each biller corporation by 90%. Successfully integrated 300 biller corporations with this application.  Implemented a file transformation middleware, alternative to MS BizTalk, for teams to manage their file transform and transfer flows, eliminating the maintenance cost for different business models. o Responsible from performance of the application, which can handle more than 2m transactions per day.  Designed and implemented an application for integrating with stock exchange markets, currency rates, market orders etc. in real time, which can handle more than 50k request per minute.  Built a web application for customers to purchase products on an e-commerce platform with a retail loan o Application can handle more than 1m requests and 5k transactions per day across different platforms  Participated in designing and developing bank’s integration with the new wire transfer system of central bank, which can handle 500k transactions per day.

  • BIS 2013 - 2013

    Senior Software Engineer

    C#, Win-Forms, WPF, TSQL, OLAP, Telerik  Implemented factoring application(In-fact) used by almost all factoring companies located in Turkey o Integration with BI tools for data analysis to assist operation side to work efficiently  Refactoring Win-form based legacy system to modern WPF based application with MVVM approach

  • HesapKurdu 2010 - 2013

    Senior Software Engineer

    C#, Asp.Net WPF/MVC, TSQL, Angular, Bootstrap  Participated in development of web based CRM system for consumer, mortgage and vehicle loans. o Rich web based front end application visited by more than 100K users daily o Web based backend system used by 50 consultants for managing online applications o Integration with major banks, affiliates, IVR systems, google analytics and google ad-words for ad’s

  • BGS 2009 - 2010

    Software Engineer

    C#, Java, C, Asp.Net Win-Form/Web-Forms, MSSQL, JQuery  Participated in web based map solution(GIS) for municipalities to create and manage geospatial data online o Rich map based functionalities integrated with Micro-station and Geo Web Publisher tools o Real time defect tracking module integrated with IVR systems used by operators


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