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Java application developer

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  • Current Company 2018 - Present

    Fullstack Developer

    Implemented microservices using Spring Boot framework. Supported DevOps related tasks involving the CI/CD pipeline. Implemented front-end features. Migrated microservices in a Kubernetes environment in IBM Cloud by making adaptations to the code and configurations, creating and adapting Jenkins pipeline configurations, creating and adapting Kubernetes configurations, debugging runtime errors in the Kubernetes environment and communication issues with other microservices. Supported implementation of DevOps tool for leveraging the Github API using Spring Boot framework (Spring Web, Spring JPA) on the backend and Angular 7 framework on the frontend.

  • Busy Machines 2017 - 2018

    Fullstack Developer

    Implemented REST and SOAP APIs based on documentation received form clients. Fixed bugs. Developed new features for the web portal. Worked closely with the clients for solving requirements.

  • DMC 2016 - 2017

    Software Developer

    Implemented and maintained tools used for automated testing of Fujitsu hardware components. Installed and updated various software tools used: Jenkins, Sonarqube, GitLab, Apache Tomcat. Worked closely with the testers for solving various requirements.

  • Seopa Ltd 2015 - 2016

    Web Developer

    Fixed bugs. Developed new features. Worked closely with the business people from the client side for solving various requirements.


Spring Boot