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Robotics Engineer

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    Robotics Engineer

    - Design, develop and maintain a hardware agnostic software platform that enable unmanned aerial vehicles to deploy autonomous missions over 5G network in a swarm. - Designed a modular architecture for the integration and control of heterogeneous UAVs in the Unmanned Life platform. - Introduced behaviour trees as a replacement to state machines for reusable, model-driven development of robot behaviour. - Implemented object recognition-tracking and path-planning algorithm for UAVs in indoor and outdoor environments. - Refactored the legacy platform to use ROS2, reducing the maintenance burden of the technical team. - Developed web interfaces for use-cases such as search-and-rescue, autonomous surveying, and emergency response. - Developed an award-winning postal sorting solution for swarms of autonomous ground vehicles (AGVs) and supervised deployments at working facilities in Switzerland and the Netherlands. - Optimized multi-agent path planning and collision avoidance algorithms, resulting in a 5.6x increase in parcel throughput. - Implemented Kalman Filtering in fusion of wheel odometry, IMU, UWB, and LIDAR data for indoor localization, reducing the incidence of lost robots by 80%. - Implemented a robust and fault-tolerant architecture for robot behaviour using state-machies. - Implemented safety features in the sorting system according to the industrial standards.