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Real time systems

System engineering

Systems controlling (linear control simulations)



  • Robert Bosch GmbH 2018 - 2020

    Applied Software Engineer

    Different missions for Robert Bosch GmbH in the field of autonomous driving and low speed maneuvering, including: • Refactoring of a speed controller using a PID for a leaner and faster controller. • Development of an Android application for an objective evaluation of stopping a vehicle at different brake-force level based on the values of jerk and jounce detected during the maneuver. • Support of the LSM (Low Speed Maneuver) testing team on functional and safety test cases; reporting of findings & quality improvement of evaluation scenarios. • Supervision of two trainees on LSM topics during 6 weeks. • Requirement Engineering Project: SysRS requirements derivation into SWRS for assistance functions like LSS (Lane Support System) & Longitudinal Comfort (Speed Limiter, ACC, TJA); addition of verification criteria to make sure the requirements are testable; analysis of the C++ code. • Support of a requirement engineering team regarding an ASIL-D inertial sensor (IMU). Python scripting for adapting Doors documents before importing to a new platform. Tools used: ASCET, Android Studio, Doors, git, TestIDE, Matlab, CarMaker (SIL), DNG, Python3

  • Heriot-Watt University 2018 - 2018

    Master Thesis - Laboratory Thesis

    Study the added-value of using the blockchain in a multi-robot system by developing an open-market (using ROS and Gazebo) where agents can safely trade with each other by using a blockchain based architecture (Ethereum). The market-based approach is a trade-off between a centralized solution and a fully distributed solution in terms of communication and processing power while the blockchain tackles the problems of trustworthiness, reliability and accountability of the robots. Used Kanban board and Agile methodology for project management. Thesis available online.

  • Åland University of Applied Sciences 2017 - 2017

    Web Development Trainee

    • Specification of an UI for route planning of a mobile marine research platform • Use of HTML5/CSS3/Bootstrap for the front-end, JS for the interactive mission planning & PHP7/SQL for the back-end. • UI used to plan the missions of the WRSC 2017. Race winner.

  • Athemium 2016 - 2016

    Software Tester Trainee

    • Tested a home automation system before a software release. Reported bugs to the Research & Development team using JIRA. • Suggested many ideas on how to improve the user experience for beginners.


Systems controlling (linear control, simulations)
System engineering
Real time systems