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Software Engineer

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Working and theoretical knowledge in development of C++/C/C#, CUDA applications, web apps
Working and theoretical knowledge in development of microcontroller systems and sensors
Working and theoretical knowledge in development and evaluation of biosignal acquisition
Working and theoretical knowledge in robotics, walking machine modeling and system control
Working and theoretical knowledge in neuroprosthesis systems
Theoretical knowledge in neuro-prosthesis control techniques
Strong analytic, mathematical and problem solving skills
Statistic analysis
Critical review of literature
ML/AI (fastai) – ( deep learning, object recognition, self-development)
Supervising students and team members
English: advance, German: intermediate, Polish: native




  • Start up in Berlin 2020 - 2020

    Embedded System Engineer

    Designing and developing a system based on esp8266 with Wi-Fi communication (as a client or server - free to choose by a user, after turning the device on), html, css, js, django, touch screen, exchanging data, protocols

  • Perfacct 2019 - 2020

    Software Engineer

    Programming in Python and ROS (robotic operating system) Tools: Python, Git, ROS, VPN, ML/AI, Optical Sensor

  • Start up im Berlin 2019 - Present

    Robotics Project Manager

    Consulting and managing robotics projects in area of human-robot-Interaction, robotrobot- Interaction, building information modeling (BIM)

  • Otto Bock Healthcare Gmbh 2017 - 2019

    Research Engineer

    System (and software) architecture and design of the electromyography acquisition system (constant cooperation with the Development Department) Since 11.2019, the technical leader of the project (Intuitive Natural Prosthesis Utilization (H2020-ICT-2015)). Evaluation of the EMG system with ablebodied subjects and amputees. Since 04.2019 leading a study on sensory feedback systems at the Medical University of Göttingen, Germany. Research in a field of bidirectional man-machine interface. Tools: C#/C++/C, Matlab. Technologies: Bluetooth, WiFi, USB, SPI, UART, MSP430, ARM Cortex M4, version control, dry electrodes, acceleration sensor

  • Technical University of Berlin 2016 - 2017

    Research Assistant

    BeMobil project (BMBF): Gait analysis system based on inertial and optical measurement units. Inertial and Optical Gait Data Comparison, Improving Optical Gait Phases Detection Algorithm. Supervising students (1 bachelor’s thesis on sensory feedback system, several software consultations) Tools: Matlab. Technologies: IMU sensors, VICON, SVN, gel electrodes, electrostimulation