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Robotics Application Engineer

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I have strong enthusiasm for Robotics, started by reading science fiction and grown by programming industrial applications.
I have pursued two Engineering educations with the purpose to complement the technical knowledge with the commercial one, and better support the development of projects.
Having studied and worked abroad, I am used to collaborating with multi-cultural teams, but I have also had the chance to be the only one responsible for different activities.



  • VIA University College 2018

    Global Business Engineering

    Applied sciences in combination with cross-cultural communication, sales, marketing, economy, finance, project and staff management.

  • VIA University College 2018

    Mechanical Engineering

    A broad spectrum of physics branches aimed to design, analyze, and manufacture a product. By pursuing a specialization in Intelligent Mechanics, I also studied robotics and multibody systems, vision and PID control.


  • FANUC Italia SRL 2018 - Present

    Robotics Application Engineer

    Assisting integrators and users in the installation of a wide range of robotic workcells: from handling to contouring, from painting to welding. Such assistance consists of analyzing the customers’ technical requirements, selecting the most adequate robot, simulating its work cycle and giving support for its programming. To complete the service, I also perform machine vision tests, teach technical courses and present at trade fairs.

  • Blue Danube Robotics GMBH 2018 - 2018

    Industrial Designer

    I worked on my bachelor thesis by a company that produces tactile safety skins for industrial robots. The objective was to develop a device to be mounted on the flange to detect and dampen the collisions between the operator and the tool or the carried workpiece. Such device is now patented with the code: AT521204B1.

  • Blue Danube Robotics GMBH 2017 - 2017

    Robot Programmer

    Employed as an intern in the Development department, I programmed different robots, ranging from artistic exhibitions to industrial applications. Additionally, I performed a series of tests to determine the influence of different factors on the collisions of a collaborative robot and to ensure that the impacts were inferior to the maximum allowable values described by the technical specification ISO/TS 15066.


Machine Vision
CAD Design
OOP Programming
FEM Analysis