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Lead robotics simulation engineer

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Robotics and games are my two greatest loves, so I try to stay as close as I can to the cutting edge of both. I’m a believer in the long term potential of VR & AR tech to bring a lot of value to the world too; my drive in this area is to cut through the gimmicks and deliver as much of that potential as I can.

General purpose robot simulation is a new area I have been exploring the last couple of years, I find it particularly exciting because the new technologies Unity have been introducing recently open up so many new possibilities that traditional robotics simulators cannot approach.





  • Current Company 2017 - Present

    Lead Robotics Simulation + VR/AR Research Engineer

    Currently leading high-􀂁delity general purpose robot simulator development within the Robotics Research team Key tech/skills: Unity, ROS, Nvidia ISAAC, FMOD audio, robot system architecture, Unity native plugins, Unity SRP, etc. Product visualisation Including regular presentations at the executive level and above Key tech/skills: Unity, V-RED, Maya, VR user studies Build and help run VR user studies Cross category VR+AR proof of concept development (I\'ve worked with most product categories at least once) My favourite project so far involved a highly satisfying interactive visual e􀁽ect driven by GPU particle simulation Key tech/skills: Valve Index, Vive, Oculus Quest, Hololens, Meta 2, ARKit, ARCore Advising on VR/AR/Unity technologies and applications Managed communications and organised demonstrations with multiple technology suppliers Attended many global industry events on the hunt for valuable tech/people

  • IBM 2012 - 2013

    Level 2 Support Engineer

    Technical support for the Guardium database security system This role gave me a fantastic window into the experience of supporting a product post release; I think about it every single time I build something someone else will use