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Robot Programmer, PLC Programmer

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Spot welding – (Nimak, Aro, Comau )
Stud welding (Tucker)
MIG Welding Aluminium alloy with CMT, Puls, Synchropuls, PMC, Mix
SwingArm Dressers (ABB)
MIG Welding Steel with SKS
Clinching (Eckold)
Riveting (Henrob, Bollhoff)
Racks and stackings
Sealing (SCA, Atlas Copco, Teamster, Intec )
Extermal Tools (Stud Welding, Sealing, Spot Welding)
Palletizing (ABB Manex, Kuka Kr6)
Flow Drill (Weber Screwdriving, Tox)
EngroTec (Roller Hemming)
EjoWeld (Riebenschweissen)
Laser Welding (Permanova, Trumpf)
Laser Cutting (Precitec)
Camera Measuring System (Zeiss, Cortex base-recognition, Cognex)
iRVision for Palletizing
Commissioning Safety with ABB EPS ABB Safe Move Pro (2017-2019)
Commissioning the complete line
Commissioning safety Operation with Kuka Krc2, Krc4
Cycle time optimization
First commissioning of robots
Commissioning bus systems (Profibus, Profinet, Interbus, Devicenet )
Grippers configuration (Festo, Muurelectronik)
Production support
Adjusting offline programs
Programming / Create new logic for racks, stacking, Palletizing
Grippers Configuration with clamps, vacuums, magnetic handlers)
Programming robots according to production standards (Daimler-Integra for Kuka, Volkswagen VASS for ABB and Kuka, VolvoCars for ABB, Valmet for ABB, Magna for Fanuc)



  • Current Company 2018 - Present

    Freelancer - Industrial Robot Programmer

     [III 2019 – VIII 2019] Germany, Rastatt ,Online programming robots KUKA KRC2 for Mercedes A  [VIII 2019– V 2020] Austria, Linz, Poland Tychy, ,Online programming robots Fanuc R- 2000iC 120L and Mate120iC plus for Magna  [VI 2020– till now] Poland, Bielsko-Biała, ,Online programming robots Fanuc R-2000iC 120L and Mate 20iC plus

  • Current Company 2017 - Present

    Industrial Robot Programmer

     [II 2019] Sweeden, Umea ,Online programming robots ABB IRC5 for Volvo Tracks  [I 2019] Romania, Krajowa ,Online programming KUKA KRC2 in Assembly line Sealing windows for Ford EcoSport  [XI 2018 - I 2019] Poland, Tychy ,Online programming robots Fanuc Arc Mate100iC, 120iC, R-100iA, R-2000ic for Magna  [VII 2018 - X 2018] Germany, Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen ,Online programming robots ABB IRC5, Integration of Porsche 911 Turbo and Cabrio Turbo (992) – Framing Lines.  [VI 2018] Italy, Lecco, Online programming robots ABB IRC5 with Roller Hemming production of doors and front bonnet for McLaren

  • Delta Robots/Delta Automation 2014 - 2017

    Industrial Robot Programmer

     [I 2017 - VIII 2017] Belgium, Gent, Online programming robots ABB IRC-5, Integration of Volvo V40 underbody lines according to VolvoCC Standard Production.  [V 2016 - XII 2016] Sweden, Goteborg, Online programming robots ABB IRC-5 and S4, Integration of Volvo V60, XC60 underbody lines according to VolvoCC Standard Production.  [II 2014 - XII 2014, IV 2015 - V 2016]Sweden, Goteborg, Online programming robots ABB IRC-5, Integration of Volvo S90, V90 and XC90 underbody respot, frame, roof line, according to VolvoCC Standard Production.  [ I 2015 - III 2015] Germany, Online programming robots KUKA VKRC-4, Cell integration involved in full underbody building of Porsche911(997), AudiQ7 according to Volkswagen Standard Production.  [ XII 2014 - I 2015] Poland, Online programming robots KUKA VKRC-2, Cell integration involved in Small cell - 8 robots in building parts according to Volkswagen Standard Production.

  • RW Swiss Automation 2013 - 2013

    Industrial Robot Programmer

     [ IV 2013 - VIII 2013] Germany, Bremen, Online programming robots KUKA KRC-4, Integration of body-side lines of Mercedes C W205, S205 with Daimler-Benz Standard Production.  [ IX 2013 - XI 2013] Poland, Katowice, Offline programming robots KUKA KRC-4 using DELMIA V5, Integration of cells for building Mercedes C - S205 with Daimler-Benz Standard Production.


Robot Programming
PLC programming
JavaScript Programming