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Infrastructure Engineer and Web Developer

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Detail oriented employee experienced with the iOS SDK, Cloud Architecture and DevOps. Strong learning, time management and team-working capabilities gathered throughout employment and volunteering.

Bash programming and DevOps practices, enhanced by implementing CI/CD pipelines for multiple projects.

iOS Development and Automated UI Tests, gained through working on an in-store application.

Experienced with Terraform. Implemented multiple highly configurable modules for provisioning infrastructure blocks.

Great learning capabilities demonstrated by quickly adapting to a new type of project.

Communication and time management, gathered throughout my extensive volunteering experience.

Good planning and multitasking capabilities developed while organising events.



  • Babes - Bolyai University 2016-2019

    Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

    Proved great academic capabilities being one of the top students of the class and finishing university with a 94.9% score. Continued building the computer science knowledge gained in high-school, with a predilection to areas such as Object Oriented Programming, Advanced Programming, Software Engineering and Operating Systems. During this time, I got accustomed to tools and programming languages required to build a full-stack application, demonstrated by my bachelor thesis project, an application suite composed of server (SpringBoot), web (Angular) and iOS applications. During my free time, I got involved in the local community through Hermes, a student organisation for volunteering. I also explored different environments by studying a semester abroad at the Warsaw University of Technology in Poland with the help of an Erasmus+ Scholarship.


  • Current Company 2020 - Present

    Infrastructure Engineer & Web Developer

    Responsible for managing the entire project infrastructure and deploying the client and the backend applications. Gained experience with Azure Cloud and further developed my AWS, Terraform and Travis knowledge. Besides infrastructure, I am also one of the web developers working on the client application of our product. Improved my web development skills by diving into React. I now have an understanding of the architecture of a React application and the best practices of developing a medium-sized app.

  • Delivery Hero 2019 - 2020

    Data Software Engineer

    Followed multiple online courses covering statistics, natural language processing, machine learning and also DevOps and Infrastructure as Code tools such as Terraform, Atlantis, Docker and Travis. Worked with Google BigQuery and Python (Jupyter, Pandas) for analysing data. Learned how to use many services provided by AWS, such as EC2, Glue, S3, Lambda, etc. Responsible for designing and implementing multiple CI/CD pipelines for the different parts of the system. Used various AWS services for deployment. The CI/CD flow was implemented using Travis, GitHub Releases and Shell/Python programming, and revolves around the Gitflow workflow. Helped implementing all the infrastructure of the project with Terraform, an Infrastructure as Code tool. Consulted and contributed to the system architecture design. Gained enhanced research skills given the R&D nature of the assigned project.

  • hipMenu 2018 - 2019

    iOS Developer

    Became accustomed to many of the features of the iOS SDK, such as UI Kit, App Extensions and Core Spotlight. Proved great dedication and interest to the product by always being ready to provide ideas and active participation in the decision-making process. Gained knowledge in many development practices, such as using various Git workflows, developing features using flags and UI/UX design. Implemented a fully automated UI test suite with the help of the XCTest framework and the Page Object Model design pattern. Enhanced the deployment process of our production application with the integration of the aforementioned tests within the XCode’s continuous integration server.

  • hipMenu 2017 - 2017

    Intern - iOS Developer

    Developed from the ground up an iOS application designed for the vendors who used the hipMenu food delivery platform. Demonstrated high learning capabilities by adapting in a short time to the development process of an application and by shipping a working product by the end of the internship. Gathered knowledge about how iOS devices can communicate with external hardware. Familiarised with important developer tools, such as Git, Jira, command-line tools and dependency managers.


Bash Programming