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Freelance controls engineer

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Experienced Controls Engineer, responsible for implementation of Automation & control systems for
various industries. Skilled in designing SW applications, electrical installations, design and maintenance
as well as in managing and coordinating field work.


Microsoft SQL (Basic proficiency)

Kuka KR C4 (Programming 1 Training), WorkVisual 5.0, OrangeEdit 2.0
Beckhoff (TwinCat 3 XAE, Windows based PLC CX 2030, EtherCat communication)

ALLEN-BRADLEY (RS Logix 500 and 5000, Studio 5000, Facktory Talk View, RS View 32, SLC500,
Micrologic, ControLogic5000, CompactLogic5000, PanelView, Transaction Manager)

SIEMENS (Step7, WinCC Flexible, ProTool, MicroWIN, TIA Portal) S7-200, S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, HMI
KP300, HMI Tp1500) OMRON (CX-One Programmer, CX-One Motion Pro, CXOne Designer, CX-One Drive etc. CPM1A, CJ2H, C200HG)

MITSUBISHI (GX-Developer) MelsecFX, MelsecQ, A2ACPU) PROFACE (GP-Pro EX, GP-Pro  EBIII)AGP2000, AGP3000




  • Current Company 2014 - Present

    Automation engineer (freelance)

    Megadale ltd, Galway, Ireland: 2020 BorgWarner – Heater press upgrade (Siemens Simatic S7-314, Festo CMMP Servo controller) RAP Gweedor – Web processing machine upgrade (Allen Bradley GuardLogix 5380, HMI: PVPlus 7, Kinetix 5700) Ballina Beverages – Container Assembly (Allen Bradley CompactLogix 5380, HMI: PanelView 5000, Kuka LBR iiwa 14 R820, Cognex Vision System IS7802M) Filtertek – Machine Upgrade (Allen Bradley CompactLogix 5343) 2019 Mollex – Electrical and Optical Inspection Machin (Omron Sysmac NX1P2, HMI: Sysmac NA5-12W…., Trio Motion Coordinator MC664, Jenny Science LINAX LX. Linear Motor Axes) BorgWarner – Heater Fin Stacking machine software rework (Beckhoff Twincat 3 PC:C6930, HMI: COPDATA Zenon 6) Tricell – Product milling and drilling, (KUKA KRC 4, Allan Bradley: Studio5000) 2018 SPX Flow, Brno, Czech Republic: Otma – Pasteurizer CIP programming (Siemens S7 CPU317-2 PN/DP utilizing the \S88\model) Megadale ltd, Galway, Ireland: 2018 Tricel - Product milling and manipulation (Kuka KR C4) Medtronic – Laminating machine (Allen Bradley: Studio 5000, FactoryTalk ME, Kinetix 5500, Watlow RMA Temp. Controller) Kuka Robotics – Programming 1 training 2016-2017 DePuy Synthes – Aquablast machine (Allan Bradley: Studio5000, Transaction Manager, Microsoft SQL) BorgWarner - High Voltage Heater assembly-line (Beckhoff Twincat 3 PLC CX2010, Denso Robotics WinCaps III, RC8 HS-45453 A, Keyence CV-X Camera system, Microsoft SQL) ONG Automation Ltd, Cork, Ireland: 2015-2016 Mondelez – Chocolate storage and distribution system for chocolate enrobing, (Allan Bradley: RS5000 GuardLogix 5570, Factory Talk ME) Mondelez - Milk Evaporator, senior engineer (Allan Bradley: RS5000 GuardLogix 5570, Factory Talk SE, VantagePoint) Magh nala - Mettal protection coating Dry Ball Mill process control work and SCADA (Allan Bradley Micrologix 1400, Factory Talk SE) Alergan - Pharma customer Cleaning utilities and product transfer process control work and SCADA (Allen Bradley SLC 500 Factory Talk ME) GlanBia - Dairy production process monitoring work (Allen Bradley SCADA Factory Talk SE) Nate s.r.o. Chotebor, Czech Republic 2015 Pepsico, Bucharest Romania - Bottle filling line (Siemens S5 and S7-300+ HMI Protool and WinCC Fexible: SW backup, modification and system startup for production) Sultrade s.r.o. Prague, Czech Republic Industrial centrifuge control SW development (Allan Bradley Micrologic 1200)


AB Studio 5000
Siemens Step7
Omron Sysmac Studio
Beckhoff TwinCAT3
Siemens TIA Portal