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Electrical & Electronics Engineer

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SE 4072 was born on July 30 1987 in Esksehir, Turkey. He completed university education at Yildiz Technical University at June 2010. He earned a BSc degree on Electrical Engineering here. In late 2010 he started to work at Eskisehir Industrial Energy company which is a combined natural gas power plant. In 2011 he left from there to focus on master of science program in Eskisehir Technical University in Electrical & Electronics Engineering. After completing the lectures he attended Vitra Plitka OOO company in Moscow, Russia. He worked there as Maintenance Chief until August 2013. Between 2013 and 2014 he attended to Turkish Military Forces to complete obligatory military service for men in Turkey. December 2014 he came to Eti Gida A.S. which is one of the biggest food companies in Turkey as an electrical engineer who is responsible for energy and utilities. 2 years later he took a part of good project as a maintenance engineer at Bridgestone tyre company in Aksaray, Turkey. This was a short experience for him and then he attended to Sisecam group which is the glass materials giant in both Turkey and some parts of the world. His position was electrical maintenance and automation engineer there. In 2019 he earned MSc degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering at Eskisehir Technical University. Since November 2020 he is a member of Saint Gobain Abrasives Group. He is maintenance manager there.

His main ability in professional life is in automation systems. He uses TIA Portal, Step 7, WinCC Flexible and Simotion Scout which are automation programming softwares of Siemens. He can draw electrical panel wiring diagrams and implement automation programs. He also has experience in energy saving projects, maintenance, supply and budget management.

He is used to difficult conditions and can easily adapt to new environment. He is open minded and likes to discover new cultures and peoples. He likes swimming, reading, chess and researching.