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Automation Engineer, DevOps, SysAdmin, Network Admin

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I’m currently working at three positions:

  1. As an automation engineer at an aluminum container factory, NOVALUM.
  2. As the administrator of a community network focused on Internet delivery.
  3. As the system administrator and DevOps of the mexican startup Brinapptics, focused on the E-Learning market.

● Bilingual (English and Spanish)
● C / C++, VHDL,ASM
● HTML/CSS/Javascript/PHP
● Bootstrap 4
● MATLAB / Simulink
● Qt Creator / Android Studio
● Proteus / Xilinx ISE
● Microcontrollers and FPGA
● Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Visio)
● AutoCAD
● Management of cloud infrastructure
● Installation, repairing and maintenance of PCs
● Installation, repairing and maintenance of electronic equipment and components
● Control systems principles and practices
● Measurement principles and practices