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Aerospace engineer

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Aerospace engineer seeking for improving my professional skills and knowledge. Good experience in CAD design and simulation software (FEM and CFD) associated with problem solving skills and working under pressure. Experience in a Formula SAE team designing racing cars structure, mechanics, manufacturing and competing in Europe against other universities.
• CATIA V5: Mechanical design, Generative Shape Design, used daily in the FSAE team and at ALTRAN, wings and aircraft components design.
• SOLIDWORKS: Parametric design of 3D modeling to create parts, assemblies and generate 2D drawings. Kinematics studies, design sheet metal parts, welded assemblies, FEM and CFD simulations.
• HYPERMESH: Pre-processing of models for subsequent CFD simulations. Basic knowledge of FEM Simulations.
• HTML & CSS5: Basic development and web design knowledge.
• MICROSOFT OFFICE: Relevant experience in usage of Word, Excel and Power Point for presentations, meetings, and reports.

• TEAMWORKS: Member of a Formula SAE team composed by almost 60 other students. I have worked in different teams at Altran where I have had to support and collaborate with my colleagues.
• PROBLEM SOLVING: Successfully faced many projects which required creativity and drive to be solved.
• TIME MANAGEMENT: Meeting deadlines is important in every project and sometimes with many other assignments from other subjects and exams weekly.
• COMMERCIAL AND ENVIRONMENT AWARENESS: During the design process of the car it is vital to be conscious of the viability to manufacture a design and how the manufacturing process will cost, if it is worth for the Project and the impact on the environment.