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I’m working in the process control and industrial automation sectors since 1987. During these years, I was employed in the following companies: Regaut, Esacontrol, Sie Systems, Hartmann & Braun, Elsag Bailey, ABB Energy Automation, Ausy, Ecisgroup, Cmsyn, TTC.
During these years, I’ve carried out the followings activities: Design and engineering, Installation and commissioning, Service and maintenance, Technical support services, Technical and Commercial proposal, Project leader, Project management, Technical director.
I’ve developed a good knowledge in the following areas: BMS (Burners Management Systems) and NFPA 85 Boiler and Combustion Systems Hazards Code, Burners Flame Detection Systems, DEHC (Digital Electro-Hydraulic Steam Turbines Control Systems), Steam Turbines Valves Governors, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems), HIPPS (High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems), Fire&Gas Detection and Fire Extinguishing Systems, ESD (Emergency Shut Down Systems), TMR & HiQuad Safety Control Systems.

For a list of projects in which I was involved, refer to those listed in my personal profile on LinkedIn website.
I’m a quiet and stable man. I think that I’m able to operate in extreme difficult situations without losing the control and the point of the situation.
BOSIET/FOET OPITO survival course certificate to operate in offshore installations.
I’m currently employed with a long time, permanent, regular working contract.
However, I always pay attention and interest for any new job proposals and professional opportunities in Italy and/or abroad.
I’m available for business trips and for temporary or definitive transfers (relocation) in Italy and/or abroad, without any restriction.

During my working years I’ve developed, among the many experiences, the following job-related skills
and competences:
▪ Automation and control engineering
▪ Communication systems
▪ Process control systems design and engineering
▪ Installation and commissioning
▪ Service and maintenance / Technical support services
▪ Digital signals processing / Electronics
▪ Software engineering and development
▪ Projects management
▪ BMS (Burners Management Systems) process automation application
▪ DEHC (Digital Electro-Hydraulic Control Systems) for Steam Turbines process automation
▪ HIPPS (High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems) process automation application
▪ ESD (Emergency Shut Down) process automation application
▪ F&G (Fire&Gas Detection) process automation application
▪ Burners flames detection systems
▪ Steam turbine control valves positioning systems (actuators)
▪ Fires & flames extinguishing systems