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Robotics/Automation Engineer

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I live in a small village close to Bologna, the city where I had my university Bachelor’s and Master’s in Automation Engineering. During my education, I had 2 very important “milestones”: the internship in Marposs S.p.A., which was fundamental because it helped me to understand the organization of a company and to keep contact and confidence with the job world. The second milestone are the 2 abroad study experiences I had in Kaunas, Lithuania; the first one was a standard Erasmus the second one was for preparing my Master’s thesis. This one is about the design of a robotic palletizing cell using ABB RobotStudio software and RAPID language. These experiences were important because they helped me to become more independent, to gain the international experience I was missing, to met a lot of interesting people from all over the world and, obviously, to increase a lot my English skills. Speaking about my personality, I would say my greatest qualities are the perseverance that I put in all my activities and problem solving with innovative solutions as I did in my internship; moreover, I’m an open-minded person, even with people from other countries and so different cultures (with whom I have daily contacts since I am an Italian language online tutor).

Apart from Italian, I speak other 3 languages: English fluently, Spanish at intermediate level and Lithuanian at basic level.

My main interest are robotics (programming and design of robotic cell), automation (in general), 3D printing and PLC.




  • Marposs S.p.A. 2019 - 2019

    Curricular internship

    Topic: “Analysis of the wiring process of Marposs’ products” - Responsibilities: Write the wiring process manual for a Marposs’ product (measurement system), find a solution to standardize the wires positioning inside the product, propose solutions for making the wiring process better