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Doctor in Energy Engineering

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I am a polite person, who likes to spend time out with friends. I always try to give my best in any field I take part in. I am a student but I also have some parallel interests and hobbies, like playing guitar and practising hiking or jogging. I would like to grow up from a professional and personal point of view in an inspiring context and for this reason i am now searching for a traineeship experience abroad.

Technical Skills
Google Docs Microsoft Office MATLAB&Simulink Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Google Drive NI Multisim
NI LABVIEW Microsoft Excel Microsoft Word Microsoft Powerpoint
Soft Skills
Motivated Team-work oriented Organizational and planning skills Critical thinking Decision-making Anal
ytical skills Reliability Strategic Planning



  • Tor Vergata University 2014-2018

    Bachelor\'s Degree in Energy Engineering

    During the first cycle of studies, I acquired the main knowledge of Engineering, focusing on Physic, Thermodynamic and Physic. I have studied in group and I also took part in team projects and in this way I developed team working and work organization skills. I had the opportunity to use softwares like Matlab, Word, Power Point, Excel. I worked for 6 months in a university laboratory in order to collect data for my thesis. For this reason I learnt to use some laboratory instruments like pyrometer, thermocouple, bunsen burner and the National Instrument acquiring signals device.

  • Tor Vergata University 2018-On going


    During the second cycle of studies, I acquired a deeper knowledge about energy production from renewable sources. The main subjects were: Thermal power plants, Nuclear Energy Physic ( with a particular attention on fusion reaction ), Energy management, Power Electronics ( Electrical Motors, Power transformation, Power transmission ), Fluid dynamics, Interaction between Machines and Environment. During master classes I kept on practising with softwares like Matlab, Word, Power Point and Excel but I also learnt to use Simulink. I took part in three team project: \ Sizing of a flue \, \ Performance analyzing of a Boiler\ , \ Energy consume analysis \. Now I am working on my master thesis. It is about the development of the current control of a coil for a fusion machine. For this thesis I am acquiring knowledge about LabVIEW and Multisim, in order to conduct a co-simulation.

  • Tor Vergata Six Sigma Academy 2020



  • Technical University of Munich 2019 - 2022


    I spent 6 months abroad in Munich as I took part in the Erasmus+ program. It has been a real personal-growing experience, that made me discover the german culture and that allowed me get in touch with students from all over the world. I also passed three exams successfully: Internal Combustion Engine, Thermal Power Plant and Fluid Machinery. I also attended a German Language Course (A1.1).