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System engineer (consultant)

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I am an engineering consultant working on qualification and installation of Ground Support Equipment for Vega-C, the evolved version of the European light launch vehicle Vega. I maintain documentation on subsystem interfaces within the GSE and with the rocket, take part in acceptance testing and supervise subcontractor activities. I have been a member of the launch crew for Vega flight 16.

Previously, I have been a Marie Curie early stage researcher at the University of Durham, dept. of Engineering, where I have worked on the fabrication of semiconducting nanowires for micro-mechanical devices, and in a teaching role as lead laboratory demonstrator, supporting 100+ students in their practical workshops on analog electronics and computer programming.

I graduated in Physics with a thesis on radiation-hard electronic design, writing and testing VHDL code for a fast fiber-optics transceiver as part of a feasibility study in replacing custom radiation-hard ASICs used in the ATLAS particle detector at LHC (CERN) with COTS FPGAs, augmented by forward error correction techniques.



  • Università degli studi Milano-Bicocca 2013

    Master\'s degree in Physics

    Thesis in condensed matter physics with practical experimental work (production of nanostructure samples with MBE, microscopy) and computer simulation aspects (molecular dynamics) including customization of simulation code. Previously, I have taken electives in digital logic design and optics.


  • Enginium 2019 - Present

    Engineering Consultant (Systems engineering)

    I have been assigned full time at Avio Spacelab, a joint venture of Avio and the Italian space agency. I work on acceptance testing and integration of the Ground Support Equipment for the Vega-C launch vehicle, manufactured and operated by Avio. I manage and write technical documentation, prepare operational procedures and interface with subcontractors. Due to the Covid emergency, I have filled in additional roles with accelerated training as necessary, joining the launch crew of Vega flight 16 for the full duration of the mission and assisting the crew of Flight 17.

  • University of Durham 2016 - 2018

    Lead demonstrator

    I supported 100+ undergraduate and masters students during computer programming, analog and digital electronics workshops; coordinated the demonstrator team, and contributed updates to the teaching material.

  • University of Durham 2013 - 2016

    Research assistant

    Early stage researcher (Marie Curie) in a multinational collaboration of 7 institutions concerning Semiconductor Nanowires. I have operated semiconductor manufacturing equipment (photolithography, deposition, etching chemical processing) in a Class 100 cleanroom environment, and qualitative/quantitative analysis of samples (electron microscopy, AFM).