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Mechanical Engineer

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I am a Mechanical Engineer and PhD in Engineering Science from Italy, with a sound background in Metallurgy and a strong fascination for Materials Science and Engineering. Together with my girlfriend, we decided to have an experience abroad after our doctoral studies. We currently live in Sweden in Jönköping, where we are planning to reside for the next years. In this area or neighbouring regions, I am seeking an employment in a dynamic and stimulating environment.



  • University of Ferrara, Italy 2017-2020

    Phd in Metallurgy and Engineering Science (awarded with honors)

    Thesis - On the Process-Microstructure-Properties Relationship of a Laser Additively Manufactured AlSi10Mg Alloy 1. Effect of 3D deposition parameters on microstructure and tensile properties 2. Effect of standard and novel heat treatments and Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) on microstructure and impact properties

  • University of Ferrara, Italy 2015-2017

    Master Degree, Mechanical Engineering (110/110 with honors)

    Materials and Corrosion, Mechanical design, Vibro-acoustic, Finite Element Analysis/FEA (COMSOL Multiphysics, NASTRAN-PATRAN), Turbomachinery, Computational Fluid Dynamics/CFD (ANSYS), Energetics

  • University of Ferrara, Italy 2011-2015

    Bachelor Degree, Mechanical Engineering (108/110)

    Metallurgy, Mechanical design, Turbomachinery, Energetics, Mechanics of Machines


  • University of Ferrara, Department of Engineering 2017 - 2020

    PhD in Metallurgy and Engineering Science

    Additively Manufactured (L-PBF) Al alloy • Study of 3D deposition parameters • Characterization of high-strain rate response • Advanced electron microscopy characterization of novel heat treatments Casting Al alloy • Study of liquid melt treatments (grain refinement, chemical modification) and thermal heat treatment Wrought Al alloys • Wear behaviour after anodization

  • University of Ferrara, Department of Engineering 2016 - 2019

    Teaching assistant

    Support teaching, laboratory activities and exams in Metallurgy (SDS ING/IND 21) and Static (SDS ICAR/08)


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