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Digital Electronics Engineer

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Full level Digital Electronics Developer and Researcher. From Digital circuits and Hardware design to the highest abstraction software developing.



  • Carlos III University of Madrid 2015

    Bachelor\'s degree in Industrial Electronics and Automation Engineering

    I began my career in Mechanical Engineering degree but in 2013 (3º year) I changed specialization to Industrial Electronics and Automation Engineering after realizing that was my actual vocation.I finished my degree without failing any subject, passing my last year at Università Politecnica delle Marche with an Erasmus+ scholarship. and defending my Bachelor\'s Thesis there in Ancona, Italy. Some years, I was elected as Student Delegate of my year. I was really involved in the mediation between students and professors to resolve disagreements and improve study programmes and classes.I built my skills of calculus, analysis, etc and got a broad background in Terminal, Mechanics, Electrical, etc. The last years I did the specialization in analog, digital and power Electronics, Robotics and Hardware/Software development. I got expertise in electronics labs and instrumentation and learned full-stack programming, from Assembled to Object Oriented Programming (C++ and Java)

  • Carlos III University of Madrid 2016

    Master\'s degree in Electronic Systems Engineering

    I\'m specialized in digital electronic systems development, both Hardware and Software, and how to implement them on complete systems with analog, power and mixed-signal electronics.As a summary, the skills gained during this Master are:- PCB design taking into account EMC & EMI. - Power systems development. - Circuit design of both Integrated Systems (microelectronics) and On-board Systems for digital, power and analog applications. - Hardware design and implementation on FPGA taking advantage of High Level Synthesis (HLS) and VHDL - System and subsystems communications (communication protocols, sensor networks, etc) - Analog & Digital signal processing techniques (DSP, filters, etc) - Low-level & high-level embedded software programming. - Android programming.


  • BQ 2017 - 2020

    Camera Tuning Engineer

    I was part of the RDI Image and Camera Team at BQ\'s product departmentFrom June to August 2019, I worked at VinSmart, Hanoi, Vietnam, as part of a staff deployment to help VinSmart IQ engineering team and transmit my knowledgesIn general, my main achievements at the company are:# Learn to develop a Camera Image Quality Tuning for any Qualcomm platform (msm8917, msm8953…SDM636, SDM660) # Document my knowledges creating a complete Basic Tuning and Fine-Tuning guideline for Chromatix 6 # Improve timings helping to automate some tuning process # Research and test different ISP modules (3A, HDR; ABF, LTM, Post-processing, etc.) to fix issues reported by IQ Analysis Team # Continuous training of my subjective analysis skills in every field (color, white balance, sharpness, noise, etc.) # Study some Imatest basics for objective analysis to better fix the issues reported # Know how to debug issues of low-level firmware, camera app and hardware (camera modules) # Research new image processing features and find the way to bring-up them on camera drivers and Android HAL # Become a Version-control expert: maintain own git DEV branches, release Tuning Versions on MASTER with Gerrit and topics # Use Repo and manifests. Compile locally libraries and a complete Android firmware with Jenkins # Apply Agile Methodology and Kanban based on Jira to my workflow # Get better communication skills. Be in contact with other departments, vendors and customers # Boost our group creativity to think new solutions with cameras to Retail Analytics and Business Intelligence

  • Capitole Consulting 2020 - Present

    Engineering consultant

    Currently working in an project at an important Security Company. My main goal is to help the Firmware Team to develop the next generation of security suites for homes.