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Electronics Engineer

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Analytic and resourceful electrical engineer with 10+ years of experience managing multifaceted projects, delivering technical support, providing coordination, and creating station designs. Instrumental in managing diversified staff, delegating tasks to team members, monitoring resources and overseeing the full scope of electrical construction and maintenance projects. Demonstrated success providing preliminary and executive design, managing resources, and conducting verifications to deliver project with lucrative results within specified timeframes and budgets. Refined communicator with command over Italian, English, and Spanish; ability to foster and fortify productive relationships with external clients and internal organisation through strong interpersonal and communication skills.


•  Cost Reduction & Control

•  Strategic Planning & Implementation

•  Client Relationship Management

•  Portfolio Management

•  Staff Training & Development

•  Electric Station Designing

•  Design Troubleshooting

•  Planning & Scheduling

•  Complex Problem Solving


Career Experience

Project Engineer Manager, Terna Rete Italia Spa, Florence                                                                                       2018 to 2019

Fostered productive relationships with installer and key clients to attain project milestones within specified time frames while serving as an Engineering manager in the AAT project in Uruguay. Managed entire verification of polymer and glass insulator engineering for 500kV line with quadrilateral conductor to meet safety requirements. Orchestrated the approval and production of advanced types required for newly built towers through verifying multiple ITP and FAT inspection protocols. Oversaw the production of ACSR DOVE, and ACSR HAWK conductors with programming through complete inspection and verification of production process, while securing FAT test protocols approval after production. Analysed power conductors’ tensioning and assembly plans and verified correct positioning/quantity of descents on ground, with connection to junction box.

  • Ensured successful delivery of projects through proper designing and verification of tower engineering as well as BOM emission for production, after prototype approval.
  • Played a key role in load tests execution through in-depth inspection and verification in India Chennai e.
  • Developed friendly and collaborative environment across company through utilizing lessons learnt approach to achieve operational success and productivity.

Project Manager – SACOI – Prototype of Fiber Optic Cable for Cesio Flashing Lamp                                   2016 to 2017

Administered the verification of requirements and specifications with keen focus on defining new custom cable in optic fibre to light up thyristor from CESIO Lamp. Identified project scope while communicating with key stakeholders to gain insights for timely delivery of project in line with designated objectives and targets. Oversaw provider’s analysis and conducted economic analysis of project along with prototype study. Headed the coordination of 50+ stakeholders as well as handling the installation and testing after realisation.

  • Developed prototype solution through extensive research by collaborating with internal and external stakeholders to achieve desired milestone.
  • Extended lifetime of HVDC link between Corsica, Sardegna and Italy by devising effective solutions and defining project scope through delivering quality guidelines.

Project Manager – Verification on existing breakers PASS, Massa Finalese                                                      2015 to 2016

Managed the complete installation of Seismic-resistant damper while serving as a project manager. Spearheaded installation project within set objectives under strict deadlines through formulating operative solutions for delay compensation while coordinating closely with all project stake holders on-board. Evaluate overall project behaviour and environment while providing guidelines to deliver techniques needed to improve the process, the execution and the closing phases.

  • Devised effective strategy to led all stakeholders towards one shared milestone.

Electrical Engineer –SANC, Ginestra degli Schiavoni – Flumeri                                                                             2014 to 2015

Managed plant testing as well as the test coordination in automation and power systems within set objectives and standards. Controlled and led 30 workers from different countries such as Italy, Romania and Japan to achieve set targets. Collaborated with multiple companies to provide type test for correct building verification of substation involving exchange of numerous communications, and phonograms.

  • Leveraged technical skills and experience for seamless coordination of construction activity between different societies like Siemens, Nidec, Project and Terna Remote control centre.

Electrical Engineer-Team Stations                                                                                                                                                    2013

Handled entire design and construction unit of electrical stations distribution while working as an electrical engineer. Designed and coordinated auxiliary systems, general systems, automatic control type, electromechanical constructive drawing, and automatic control type SAS2006 in dedicated shelters for successful development of Ravenna Zona Industrial 132kV station.

  • Headed design and coordination of Auxiliary Systems, automatic control type SAS2006, Installations of ABB MCM PASS for Massa Finalese 13kV.

Additional Experience: Project Engineer/Manager at Ducati Energia Spa | Project Engineer/Manager, Electrical Manager, and Plan Manager at Digitart Spa