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Geoscientist / Software Developer

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Seismic & Geophysical Data | Processing | Acquisition | Software | Research | Project Management



  • University of Aberdeen 2018

    Master of Science in Geophysics

    Final Project: Inversion of waveform data to model seismic wave absorption in Romania and the Carpathians.

  • Instituto Superior de la Energía, with Heriot-Watt University 2006

    Master in Oil & Gas Exploration and Production

    Overview of oil and gas exploration and production industry, with specialization in geophysics.

  • Universidad Tecnológica Nacional 2003

    Electronic Engineering

    Final Project: Digital signal detection applying the optimal filter theory with a DSP.

  • Escuela de Educación Técnica N°455 1996

    Electrician-Mechanic Technician

    Highschool, technical degree.

  • Durham College 2016

    Geographic Information Systems

    Certificate in geographic information systems. Distance Education Certificate: 312 hours.

  • Escuela Internacional de Formación de Madrid 2010

    Management and Business Administration

    Course on management and business administration. Distance learning: 1100 hours.

  • Instituto Superior de la Energía 2008

    Safety and Environment

    Course on health, safety and environment aspects in oil and gas exploration and production. Taught learning: 160 hours.

  • Project Management Institute 2013

    PMP® Certification

    PMP® Certification by the Project Management Institute.

  • ThePowerMBA 2020


    Entrepreneurship, management, business and administration programme.


  • Independen Consultant 2020 - Present


    Provides consultancy for all project phases of geophysical surveys, including management of operations, survey design and data processing. Acquires and develops data-driven, machine learning/deep learning/artificial intelligence, and uncertainty quantification skills for seismic methods and modelling, especially for distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) and 4D seismic data.

  • Repsol 2018 - 2020

    Processing Geophysicist

    Oversaw all aspects of land/marine 2D/3D seismic data image processing. with focus on data conditioning, noise suppression, data enhancement, velocity analysis, and imaging.Achievements include: • Reprocessed two vintage seismic image datasets without geometry files, better imaging subsurface than previous version. • Became a competent user of Geovation in a few weeks, being able to work at the same pace, in 2D processing, than “implant” contractor CGG. • Automated geometry building tasks, reducing the usual 3-day long task to 4 hours. • Success in delivering solutions converted the team in the reference for seismic imaging products, within all divisions in the company and for partners, being able to produce better quality results while keeping more control over the processes.Major Projects/Assignments: 2019-2020: Greece, onshore, 2D reprocessing, 480 km, 2019-2020. 2018-2019: Morocco, onshore, 2D reprocessing, 1500 km.

  • Repsol 2014 - 2018

    Acquisition Geophysicist

    Interfaced with Exploration and Development teams on company and joint venture projects to deliver geophysical data survey designs (mainly 2D/3D seismic and VSP, land/marine), feasibility studies, field data QA/QC procedures, codes, project scope of works, resolution analysis and ray trace modelling.Achievements include: • Conducted all start-up audits under pressure and successfully selected optimum acquisition parameters in terms of safety, quality, and budget. • Developed technical documents and reports for tenders and contracts, outlining the necessary safety, acquisition parameters, scope of work, and all operational requirements for project execution by the contractor. • Along with co-workers, managed to be the only external members to make contributions to the development of in-house ray tracing software based on wave propagation equation. • Assumed responsibility (first one in department) for microseismic and induced seismicity, being able to capture first project for the team.Major Projects/Assignments: 2018: Morocco, onshore, 2D, 1300 km. 2017: Greece, onshore, 2D, 400 km. 2016: Portugal, offshore, 3D, 2500 km2 - Algeria, onshore (desert), 2D, 1400 km - Guyana, offshore, 3D, 2500 km2 - Bolivia, onshore (jungle), 2D, 270 km. 2015: Colombia, offshore, 3D, 7500 km2. 2014: Colombia, offshore, 3D, 280 km2.

  • Repsol 2006 - 2014

    Operations Geophysicist

    Coordinated with Exploration, Development, HSE, Social, Security, and Procurement teams to execute geophysical data acquisition projects (mainly seismic), site surveys and shallow hazard studies, while simultaneously performing feasibility studies, scope of works, tender preparation, contract awarding, planning, HSE and technical start-up audits, monitoring, stakeholder management, and close out tasks to ensure project delivery on desired objectives of safety, quality, budget, and time.Achievements include: • Managed teams of up to 10 people directly, and up to 800 people indirectly. • Managed to select optimum acquisition parameters and provide authorization to start without causing extra costs, delays, and quality constraints. • Managed to build a culture of lessons learnt management among team members, building a database and simple procedures that were later implemented by other teams in the organisation. • Served as Seismic Crew Supervisor and Repsol Field Representative, advocating and speaking for company, usually under pressure, to direct corrective/preventative actions for contractors. • Successfully managed to complete all projects on time and within/under budget, while holding responsibility for multimillion-dollar budgets ($1M–$50M).Major Projects/Assignments: 2013 : Algeria Project Manager, onshore (desert), 3D, 1500 km2 - Libya Project Coordinator, onshore (desert), 3D, 980 km2. 2012: Norway Project Coordinator, site survey - Portugal Deputy Project Coordinator, offshore, 3D, 1500 km2. 2011: Algeria Project Manager/Coordinator, onshore (desert), 2D/3D, 550 km / 300 km2. 2009: Libya QA/QC Field supervisor, onshore (desert), 3D, 5500 km2 - Saudi Arabia QA/QC Field Supervisor, onshore (desert), 3D, 3000 km2. 2007: Russia Technical/Specialist Assistant, onshore (farm), 3D, 400 km2. 2006: Argentina Field Operations Supervisor, onshore (mountain) VSP - Argentina Field Assistant, onshore (mountain), VSP- Scouting for 2D regional lines - Argentina Field Assistant, onshore (mountain), 3D, 200 km2 - Argentina Field Assistant, onshore (mountain), 3D, 300 km2.

  • Argentinian Antarctic Institute 2003 - 2005

    Field Engineer / Research Assistant

    Oversaw remote scientific laboratory and conducted research for CO2 monitoring, Antarctic seismology, geodesy, and global greenhouse effect, holding responsibility for data acquisition and processing with Guralp seismograph, Trimble 4000Ssi GPS, and Siemens Ultramat 5E carbon dioxide meter.Achievements include: • Selected among 50 candidates to assist with 16-month winter campaign in Antarctic Scientific station. • Held responsibility, under high pressure, for keeping the remote scientific base communicated at all times through a very limited bandwidth satellite VSAT system (approximately 28 kbps for 20 users). • Managed to implement, for the first time in the base, a Linux server and network policy that optimised the traffic and greatly improved network performance and security.Major Projects/Assignments: Antarctic Scientific Winter Campaign, in Jubany (now Carlini), 2004.

  • Autotel S.R.L. (for Repsol YPF) 2000 - 2003

    Electronic Technician

    Designed, implemented, programmed and maintained communication systems (digital and analogical) and data/phone networks. Set up and maintained oil and gas flow measurement devices.

  • Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, FRC, CUDAR 2000 - 2000

    Research Assistant

    Voluntarily helped on research for flight-parameter systems and thermal systems for chemical laboratories. Coded using C language for electronic data acquisition devices. Designed and implemented electronic circuits for several applications.


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