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Multidisciplinary graduate engineer with excellent problem solving, management and critical thinking abilities, looking for a meaningful experience as a career start in an inspiring firm that value creativity and innovation. Throughout my studies, I have built a hailed knowledge on hydrology, environmental and energy engineering, among many other subjects such as data analysis and business management. Effective, flexible and quick learner, I am always eager to bring my creativity and autonomy to put my engineering skills to applied projects, and to build strong and positive collaborations.



  • Imperial College London 2020

    MSc Hydrology & Business Management

    In order to utterly develop my skill spectrum, I took a dual degree with the Imperial College London in Hydrology & Business management. This gave me the opportunity of discovering new features of civil engineering, modelling and management from one of the world-top universities (ranked 8th worldwide in engineering in QS ranking 2020). My performance was appraised with a \Distinction\ award.Topics that I studied are listed below: • Hydrology (Processes, Hydrogeology, Urban Hydrology) • Environmental Management (Contaminated land/groundwater, Developing Countries, Water Resources, Water Quality) • Applied statistics (Mathematical/Statistical Modelling, Stochastic Hydrology) • Applied IT (Hydroinformatics, Rainfall-Runoff/Flood Modelling) • Business Management (Business Environment, Construction Law, Innovation in Civil Engineering, Microeconomics, Project Management). • MSc Thesis: A stochastic generator for the entire world (Victor Appleby Price 2020) - see \Projects\ for details

  • École des Mines 2020

    Engineer\'s Degree

    Energy Engineering Specialisation (Spring 2019, average: 17.17/20) : • Fundamental energy sciences (Fluid Mechanics of real fluids, Machinery Energetics, Combustion, Thermal Exchanges) • Implementation of Energy Resources (Heating, Air Conditioning) • Modelling and Technical Management of Energy Devices (CFD, Automation, Projects) • Research Project • Assistant Engineer InternshipCore Curriculum (2017/18, GPA: 3.69/4) : • Materials & Mechanical Engineering (Material Resistance, Computer-Aided Design, Physical Properties of the Matter) • Mathematics (Real Analysis, Probabilities, Statistics) • Computer Engineering (Networks, Programming, Databases) • Energy Engineering (Industrial Ecology, Atomic Engineering, Oil Engineering) • Electronic Engineering (Sensors & Instruments) • Automation Engineering (Discrete Events Systems, Control Systems Engineering) • Process Engineering • Management Sciences • Open Project • Technician Internship

  • Seoul National University 2018

    Abroad Semester

    Thanks to the IMT School, I took a semester overseas, in the Seoul National University (South Korea). The SNU is one of the best in Asia, it includes around 30\'000 students and its college of engineering is renowned worldwide (16th in the QS 2019 world rankings).I took the following courses for my future specialisation in energy engineering (Fall 2018, GPA: 3.92/4) : • System Engineering Hydrodynamics • Physical Chemistry for Energy Engineering • Modern Physics for Nuclear Engineering • Advanced Programming Methodology • Korean History

  • Lycée Henri Poincaré 201

    Preparatory classes

    The MPSI/MP preparation classes is a 2 year French curriculum which is specialised in Mathematics, Physics and IT among other subjects. It is a very selective path which prepares the students for nationwide competitive exams in order to enter the best engineering schools of the country.


  • Imperial College London 2020 - 2020

    Research Assistant

    A stochastic generator for the entire world (MSc. Thesis)mai 2020 – oct. 2020Description du projet As part of my MSc degree, I worked on the development of a rainfall stochastic generator. This project was awarded by the Victor Appleby Price (ICL best thesis) and was extended for a month considering my interest for the subject.My achievements: • Developed a massive dataset of worldwide hourly rainfall records for future research (from 6K to 21K locations worldwide) • Successful data analysis and their statistics on the retrieved set to evaluate its quality and on the generator outputs to assess its reliability • Builder of a collaborative work between the project team, international meteorological services and other research teams

  • Smart Building Energies (VINCI Energies) 2019 - 2019

    Assistant Engineer Intern

    In keeping with my engineering degree, I made a 4 months internship within Smart Building Energies, a firm part of the VINCI group that provides digital solutions for building management (BMS, BIM, VR, Big data management, ...). I was involved in the development of a configuration interface for WAVE, a new platform compiling BMS (mainly HVAC) and a smart management of a firm\'s services (meeting rooms, parking space booking, ...).My tasks : • Successful autonomous learning of technologies linked to web/app development (Js, HTML, ASP.NET Core, ...) • Learning main concepts about WAVE\'s technical functioning and related IT techs (ASP.NET Core structure, Full-stack techs, ...) • Successfully developed a configuration interface between the platform and related automatons to set up a smart building in an innovative way, for which I received an outstanding feedback • Gave free rein to my creativity to improve other parts and functionalities of the platformFor more information: https://www.smart-building-energies.com/?page_id2380&langen

  • ArcelorMittal 2018 - 2018

    Technician Intern

    As part of my curriculum, I made a three months internship in ArcelorMittal. I worked within the simulation & models (SiMo) service, which belongs to the Atlantic & Lorraine cluster. My project was to create and implement in C# an algorithmic model which detects and solves conflicts between trajectories of several automated vehicles.My tasks : • Wrote a thorough State of the Art about multi-vehicles coordination • Successful autonomous learning of the C# language and main algorithmic concepts (Dependency injection, Oriented Object Programming, ...) • Conceptualised and implemented the entire algorithmic model, with advanced algorithms I put onto practice • Defined adequate conflicts tests, which were passed with verve • Presentation of my work to French and Flemish modellers, which was greatly received


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