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Mechanical Engineer

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Recently graduated Mechanical Engineer, specialized in Power Generation, Thermodynamic, Fuid  Dynamical, Hydrauic, and Pneumatic Systems. A professional, curious, and creative person, characterized by an excellent capability to relate to my colleagues.

Programming Languages

C++, C, Fortran


Microsoft Office, Wolfram Mathematica, AutoCAD 2D and 3D, ANSYS CFX, LATEX
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  • università degli studi Roma Tre 2020

    mechanical engineering

    Mechanical Engineering degree accomplished with full marks, with a focus in the Energy field with the choice in my learning agreements of courses such as Turbomachinery design, laboratory of turbomachinery design, power generation and energy production plants ( all brilliantly passed) and the power electronics field with the choice of the courses of Electric Machine and Drives (30/30) and Electic Propulsion (30/30)