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Software Tester

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During my studies and my job experiences I acquired the following skills:

  • Programming languages: Java. C++, Groovy, Python
  • Query Language: SQL
  • Applications: MySQL, Dbeaver, SoapUi, Google Colaboratory, Jira, Matlab, Office Applications, Project Libre

Software Tester

Current Company, Florence, 2018-now

My job consists in verifying the efficiency and reliability of the new applications and features developed. Also I have to document step by step the different stages of the testing phase. In carrying out my job I use different tools both for the code analysis (in Java) and for the Test Automation, e.g. the writing and execution of automatic tests. For some projects I joined the functional analysis team.

Administrative Support

University of Salerno, Salerno, March 2017-May 2017

My role was to draw up the agenda with Excel, organizing the shift planning of the whole team of a support laboratory for disabled students.

Administrative Assistant

Scientific Library, University of Salerno, Salerno, March 2016-May 2016

I oversaw the entire book lending process, using a database for the management of library loans.


Optimization and Data Science course

University of Florenxe, Florence, 2020

Models of Optimization and most known algorithms of Machine Learning.

UIIP ERP-SA Program Technical & Functional

Biogem – Ariano Irpino (AV) – www.uiip.it, 2017-2018

Thmeatic Areas:

  •    Horizontal Education: Object Oriented languages, Databases Systems,
  •    Vertical Education: Company Information System, SAP.
  •    Transverse Education: English Language,
  •    Soft -Skills Lab: Teamwork,Communication Management, Public speaking and Effective Presentation.

Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics for Applications

University of Salerno, Salerno 2013-2017

Thesis title in Algebra and Cryptography “An overview of modern Cryptography – RSA and NTRU”