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Back end Web Developer

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Italian currently living in Brazil. Live 1 year in Canada through a government program.
I am working as a Full Stack web developer for 2 years, using the following stack:

  • HTML5;
  • Bootstrap;
  • Vue.js;
  • C#;
  • T-SQL;
  • GitHub

Acquainted with different business models like SaaS, ERP, RPA, and CRM.




  • 2tech Soluções Tecnológicas 2019 - Present

    Back End Developer

    Development and maintain RPA applications, including Chrome extensions, doubling the number ofapplications deployed in 2020. Creating microservices APIs for integration purposes with banks. After migrating from TortoiseSVN to GitHub, I restructured the version control process. Responsible for monitoring logs from the system using Sentry.

  • 2tech Soluções Tecnológicas 2019 - 2021

    Front End Developer

    Refactoring legacy code, including an entire CRM module. Allowing us to scale this module using thelatest technologies. Created web features using HTML5, Bootstrap, and Vue.js. Closed 10% more issues in 2019. Achieve the \surplus\ rank 3 times in a row.

  • 2tech Soluções Tecnológicas 2018 - 2019

    Personal Service Lead Manager

    Include some SCRUM processes to increase communication between the Commercial and PersonalService teams. Performed the data migration process via SQL, giving more flexibility on the initial phase of onboarding. Personal services for medium and large clients, performing survey and analysis, as well asdevelopment and customization of the ERP platform. Managed the Onboard and Personal Service team, which represented 40% of the company.

  • 2tech Soluções Tecnológicas 2017 - 2018


    Revamp the booking processes using Asana, which allowed more onboarding training to be scheduleand reduce the withdrawal number.

  • Sparkgeo 2016 - 2016

    Summer Intern

    JavaScript developer working with Leaflet library.