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Electrical and Electronic Engineer

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Successful Computer Technician, newly graduated and motivated to work over networks, software and hardware. Passionate in Information Technologies with a background in cybersecurity, and software engineering. Enthusiastic over Web development and Databases. Seeking an opportunity to grow in a favourable environment.

Installed, configured and managed networks in reference to privacy.
security and access to services.
Implemented applications for network communication, using existing protocols.
Implemented simple service-oriented applications.
Designed and implemented computer applications with databases.
Develop web-based applications and integrate databases.
Managed the specifications, planning and progress of a project.
of the ICT sector, including through the use of specific software tools.
Use sector vocabulary and technical terminology also in English language.



  • I.I.S. Castelli 2020


    The\Informatics\ and \Telecommunications\ joints are provided for the address, in which the profile is oriented and declined. In particular, with reference to specific sectors of use and in compliance with the related technical regulations, the analysis, comparison and design of IT devices and tools and the development of IT applications are deepened in the articulation \Informatics\. In the \Telecommunications\ articulation, the analysis, comparison, design, installation and management of electronic devices and tools and telecommunications systems, the development of computer applications for local networks and remote services are deepened. At the end of the five-year course, the Graduate in the \Informatics and Telecommunications\ course achieves the learning results specified below in terms of skills:Choose devices and tools based on their functional characteristics. Describe and compare the operation of electronic and telecommunications devices and instruments. Manage projects according to the procedures and standards required by the company\'s quality and safety management systems. Manage production processes related to business functions. Configure, install, and manage data processing systems and networks. Develop computer applications for local networks or remote services.In relation to the \Informatics\ and \Telecommunications\ joints, the above skills are differently developed and suitably integrated in line with the peculiarity of the reference path.


  • ELME 2000 - 2017

    IT Technician

    Installalled and configured computer networks. Supported the maintenance, installation and upgrade of various systems including Windows, Mac, and Linux. Performed regular routine procedures, including software updates, ensuring continued efficient operation and availability of information systems. Installed and configured desktop devices, associated software and equipment, guaranteeing user-friendly basic training was provided.