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Unity developer

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I’m a Unity developer that have mainly developed videogames for Android and iOS mobile devices, B2B applications and frameworks and AR and MR applications.

I also have experience in desktop applications, client side development, editor
tools, artificial intelligence, procedural generation, anticheat and other videogame
development fields




  • Freelance team 2021 - 2021

    Unity developer

    Collaboration with a team of design freelances to develop a videogame demo for a client

  • Graphene Thread Software 2019 - 2021

    Unity developer

    Development of hypercasual videogames for publishers in mobile devices. Development of application for third parties as a consultant.

  • EgoGames 2018 - 2018

    Unity Developer

    Unity front-end development of a Framework to be integrated in mobile games.

  • 6DLab 2017 - 2018

    Unity developer

    Solo developing of AR and MR B2B mobile applications with Unity

  • Multiple mobile device publishers 2021 - Present

    Unity developer

    Development of hyper-casual videogames for mobile device publishers


Performance optimization
Videogames development
mobile devices