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Software Engineer

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I started programming in 1989 in BASIC programming language on russian Electronica computers and the passion of writing code grew in me since then. It became my hobby and my lifestyle.
My objective is to obtain a challenging position of a software engineer to make use of my creative abilities, analytical skills and knowledge of advanced technologies.

2015-07 – 2018-06
Senior software developer/Techical lead
On Tap – Magento Gold Solution Partner

• Participation in discussions with the client for building up knowledge for technical solutions,
• Deployment (code, database) to the staging, UAT, live server(s),
• Monitoring of server functionality and health, urgent problem fixing when needed,
• Project management in technical aspects,
• Server and services management for project development,
• Back-end team management – technical advise for developers, code review, functionality and integration testing, git conflicts and issues,
• User and developer repository management,
• Magento 1 and Magento 2 modules development and maintenance,
• Integration and unit tests,
• Writing technical documentation;
• Ticket management in Jira;
• Scrum Team Lead for back-end developers

• Magento 1 and 2 frameworks, PHP 5.6 and 7.x;
• MySQL database server;
• KnockoutJS and jQuery for javascript development;
• Consumption of Web Services – SOAP and REST;
• CSS for user interfaces;
• React with Redux for several projects;
• Ansible for automation and deployment;
• WordPress for some clients;
• Git;
• ElasticSearch for large datasets;
• AWS – Planning and management of the infrastructure;
• Scalr for cloud management;
• Docker API;
• Kubernetes for some projects;
• APIs – Amazon, PayPal etc payment systems;

2011-12 – 2015-06
Software engineer
Estonians Authors’ Society

• Full stack engineer;
• Server management – Linux (samba, mysql, apache,
postgresql, postfix, ftp), Windows 2005 Server (IIS, MS SQL
Server, File Server, Print Server);
• Workstation management – Install/Remove/Update
components, apps;
• Project management and development;
• User and technical documentation management;
• Code version management;
• Unit and integration testing;
• Reporting for both internal and external use;

• Process monitoring – EDI imports, validation error handling,
• Implement new standards provided by different workgroups in
Europe, for example for storing data or implementing new
import/export formats, EDI exchange etc
• Asp.Net MVC and C# for central information system. The system was built for maintaining core information and data essential for the company and handled large datasets (200M+
• Spring Framework projects;
• FluentNHibernate ORM for central information system;
• Entity Framework for different projects inside the company;
• Full-Text Search – Solr. It was replaced by ElasticSearch later;
• MySQL and PostgreSQL on Linux for secondary/temporary data;
• MS SQL for main persistence;
• Python scripts for scheduled data import/export, data manipulation and calculations, also for advanced reporting;
• PHP 5.6 and 7.x projects for public/authenticated access, Laravel framework with Propel ORM;
• ESB (Mule ESB) for integration;
• WordPress for public homepage;
• jQuery, CSS3 for user interfaces;
• MS Access VBA for employees;
• Git versioning;
• Migration to Office 365 from local postfix mailboxes, management later on. Office 365 also provided authentication service for internal systems;
• Microsoft Sharepoint;
• Code management at visualstudio.com via Visual Studio Team Services;
• Microsoft Azure – mostly for computation tasks