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  • Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology 2018-2022

    Bachelor of Computer Science

    Still studyingThe first four semesters of the full-time programme (and the first six of the part-time programme) are devoted to core instruction. At this stage, the student gains the fundamental knowledge required of a bachelor-level graduate in computer science. S/he is familiarised with issues such as basic database techniques, principles of software development and computer network development as well as applications of multimedia. Above all, the candidate learns to program in key languages such as Java or C++. The curriculum also includes core mathematics, electronics, accounting, economics and law.During the subsequent specialised instruction, students choose a major (area of specialisation) in which to further expand their knowledge and skills. Specialised classes are customised for each major; examples include programming in languages such as Prolog, ML, Assembler, C# or SQL. Furthermore, specialised instruction aims to build up the student’s team-working skills through, among others, implementation of specific projects.Graduates receive the Engineer degree.


  • Testronic, Warsaw, Poland 2017 - 2017

    Game Tester

    • Quality Assurance • Bug Search • Mobile, PC, Console

  • Smarts Club, Dallas, Texas 2018 - 2018


    • Robotics • 3D Printing • Programming • Math • English • Electronics

  • Globema, Warsaw, Poland 2019 - Present

    Magik programmer

    • Developing new systems • Maintaining and updating existing systems • Working in a team


Magik programming language
Unity3D engine