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IT Engineer

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IT engineer with a MBA in Data Analytics,  with 16 years of experience. Having worked in different roles and industries, such as Transportation, Public Administration and mainly Defense & Space, but always related to Digital Transformation and Processes Automation, merging both business and technical knowledge on the same profile.

Core Competencies

Problem-Solving, Strategist, Decision-Making, Data Analysis, Reporting, Self-Motivated, Commercial Awareness, Team Collaboration, Entrepreneurship, Project Management, Product Management, Team Management, Business Intelligence, OLAP, Data Mining, Data Modelling, Data Visualization (Tableau, Power BI), Coding (Python, R, C#, SQL), XML(XQuery, XSLT), Databases (MySQL, Oracle, Access, MongoDB), Big Data (Hadoop Hortonworks), Machine Learning, GIS, Presentation Skills, Microsoft Office and Excel, System Administration.