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Aerospace Engineer

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I’m an Aerospace Engineer graduated from the Politecnico di Torino (city of Turin, Italy). I’m specializing in Electric Propulsion and Battery Powering with almost 2 years of experience in Drones Design and optimization.




  • DRAFT PoliTo 2019 - 2021

    Squad Leader

    DRAFT (DRones Autonomous Flight Team) PoliTo is a student team at Politecnico di Torino that researches and develops innovative solutions infused with Artificial Intelligence with the goal of increasing the autonomy of current drone technology. The Team promotes the technical and social growth of students by engaging challenging projects and competitions.The Team is a wide multicultural and multidisciplinary community made of 50+ students from several education levels (B.S., M.S., Ph.D.) and fields, including Aerospace, Mechatronics, Energy, Computer Science, Mathematics.

  • ITS Fondation - CAMERANA School 2018 - 2019

    Mechanical Drawing and CAD Teacher

    I worked as post-diploma professional trainer in Mechanical Drawing on CATIA environment.

  • TPS Aerospace Engineering s.r.l. 2018 - 2018

    Trainee Aerospace Engineer

    Curricular work experience which introduced me to electric-powered flying vehicles. I was entrusted with the evaluation of an electric helicopter concept for the Air-Ion Technologies SA. My Bachelor\'s thesis was inspired by this project.


CAD Design
MATLAB & Simulink