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Networks & Cybersecurity Engineer

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I am currently a recent graduate from EPITA (Ecole Pour l’Informatique et les Techniques Avancées), a renowned French engineer school specialized in computer sciences, and I am looking for a permanent contract (I am immediately available).

I spent my first years as a student in undergraduate intensive courses in mathematics and physics for national competitive examination where I acquired discipline and the capacity to learn how to learn in my work so I could adapt most rapidly to any situation. Fascinated by Information Technologies, I chose to take the competitive examination for EPITA, which is specialized in computer sciences engineering, and passed it successfully. During my studies, I developed my programming skills, got an extensive formation in several computer sciences fields and I specialized in networks and cybersecurity while getting fundamental knowledge in law, finance and enterprise culture.

During those years, I could invest myself in many projects, like the creation of an object-oriented compiler in C++, the refurbishment of an enterprise information system for a company merger, or the simulation of a crisis situation where we had to prepare the defense and then the attack on an entity (a television channel or a large business for example). The majority of those projects being group projects, I had the opportunity to demonstrate my ability in working in a team as well as an ease for responsibilities and leadership, without forgetting to listen to my colleagues and professors for advice or ideas.

I used some my spare time to commit myself to associative activities so I could participate in my school student life, as well as joining my major’s laboratory for furthering my technical competences. I also passed the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification and I am currently preparing the next level (AWS Cloud Architect – Associate).

I wished to discover more strategic fields for my professional career and since I was interested in consulting, I chose to do my end-of-study internship at Wavestone Luxembourg. It was during those 6 months where I developed my soft skills, like communication, economic intelligence and planning, while consolidating my technical skills thanks to the numerous missions I was integrated in. Several of them were for prestigious clients, like the refurbishment of the Chamber of Deputies of Luxembourg’s Security Policy or the audit of key Luxembourgish actors.

Curious, rigorous, sociable and determined, I will have it at heart to show my utmost dedication and bring the best of my abilities during work while learning and progressing, hoping to become a valuable asset for your enterprise.



  • EPITA (Ecole Pour l\'Informatique et les Techniques Avancées) 2016-2020

    MSE in Computer Sciences - Specialisation in Networks & Cybersecurity

    • During the common core period, I had advanced studies on every aspect of Computer Sciences, with a strong technical focus on Software Development, Mathematics and Systems.• During my major, my studies were more specialized on Networks, Telecommunications and Cybersecurity technologies with complements in Financial, Business & Management fields strengthened with laboratory activities for concrete applications and more in-depth knowledge of studied concepts.

  • Institut Camille Vernet – Institut Etienne-Mimard 2014-2016

    CPGE (Classes préparatoires aux Grandes Ecoles)

    • 2 years of intensive preparatory courses on scientific subjects for national competitive exams for the Grandes Écoles.• 1st year : Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Industrial Sciences, Algorithm, Literature, English and Spanish.• 2nd year : stronger focus on Mathematics and Industrial Sciences with periodic preparation for the competitive exams.


  • Wavestone Luxembourg 2020 - 2020

    Cybersecurity Analyst

    • Realization of a cybersecurity maturity assessment benchmark for key actors of the Luxembourgish market.• Redaction of a commercial proposition for the benchmark.• Audit of several banks and financial companies located in Luxembourg.• Analysis and integration of a cybersecurity circular (the CROE) inside our audit process.• Consolidation and restitution of collected information towards each audited entity.• Modelization of all the processes of Luxembourg’s Chamber of Deputies via the BPMN norm.• Redaction of an SPIS (Strategic Planning for Information Systems) for the Chamber of Deputies, covering the governance of the entire institution as well as the tools used for its activities (Office 365, website, etc).• Creation of user charters for software chosen for data protection.• Participation and commitment inside aWavestone team dedicated to the Blockchain.

  • Econocom for Thales Global Services 2018 - 2019

    Failure Analysis Technician

    • Assistance and support over ToIP-VoIP and Video Conference software for Thalès employees all around the world.• Analysis, resolution or escalation of every software failure encountered by an employee.• Monitoring of ongoing conferences & calls.• Implementation and scheduling of future conferences & calls.

  • DroneHive 2017 - 2017

    Software Developer

    • Assistance in the implementation of a multitasking « hives » network for drones of every sizes.• Realization of a program allowing any small sized drones to safely land automatically in a hive.• Analysis and integration of DJI and Parrot SDKs into the autopilot program.• Development of an Android app a visitor can use in order to be guided through an industrial site by a drone.• Refurbishment of the electronic card managing the deployment of the hive’s extensible arm and the opening of the hive’s door.


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