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Full stack developer

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I am working as a full stack developer on two projects. The first project is used by a law agency which manages some French worldwide brands. On this project, I use Spring Framework, Java 8+, SQL database and Angular. I am the only developer and my responsibilities are to implement new features or repair production’s bugs such as: create SQL scripts that are used for generating infos and bonuses about the employees and customers, back-end side tickets, in general when a new feature comes or to solve the bugs and front-end side tickets, also for new features.
The second project is an in-house document editor, implemented using Spring Framework, Java 8+, SQL databases, Angular 6 and the open source CKEditor. On this project, in general, I work on both back and front tickets because each new user story needs addition on both parts. Examples of user stories are the following: adding new styles for document, create an content table based on the titles and subtitles etc.