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Embedded Software Engineer

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Software Engineer with two years of working experience in the Embedded field, where I mainly develop firmwares and low-level drivers for the Automotive field, using STM SPC57/58 microcontrollers.
Passionate about ICT, I keep improving my skills to become a 360° developer. I’m currently deepening my knowledge on Python (especially on Web development and Data Science in order to be more experienced on several useful library/frameworks such as Django, Django REST Framework, Pandas, numpy) by following courses and coding in my spare time.



  • Università di Cagliari 2018

    Master's Degree in Electronic Engineering

    ▪ Thesis: Acceleration of Convolutional Neural Network on low-end All-programmable SoCs. ▪ Purpose: RTL optimization of an hardware Convolutional Neural Network accelerator in order to run on a lower-end Xilinx FPGA board. ▪ Used tools: Vivado Design Suite, Mentor QuestaSim, Ubuntu Embedded ▪ Used HDL: SystemVerilog ▪ Field: Embedded Systems ▪ Final mark: 110 cum laude

  • Università di Cagliari 2015

    Bachelor's Degree in Electronic Engineering

    ▪ Thesis: Identification of electromagnetical parameters of an unexploded ordnance. ▪ Purpose: Application of Prony's method to calculate the electromagnetic parameters (dimensions, conductivity and relative permeability) of an unexploded ordnance by his impulse response. ▪ Used tools: MATLAB ▪ Field: Applied Mathematics ▪ Final mark: 89

  • I.T.C.G. E. Mattei 2009

    Diploma in Programmer Accountant

    Diploma in Programmer Accountant


  • Abinsula 2019 - Present

    Embedded Software Engineer

    I\'m working in the Automotive field and my main occupation is to develop peripherals drivers (specially MCAN, ADC, DSPI, SIUL and PIT) and firmwares necessary for the operation of the MCUs and for the development of the related high-level APIs (that rely on those drivers) necessary for the creation of the various applications that run on the microcontroller itself. I\'ve also done some testing tasks where I used, depending on the project, ETAS INCA or ATI Vision for the calibration and measurement tests and some of internal usage softwares (E-Sys, FAT) for the diagnostic part. ▪ Used software: Lauterbach TRACE32, Vector DaVinci Configurator, Vector CANoe, PEAK PCAN-View, Visual Studio Code, SPC5 Studio, ATI Vision, ETAS INCA. ▪ Tools: Oscilloscopes, power supply units, JTAG debugger (UDE, Lauterbach). ▪ Programming languages: C, Python, Make

  • Università di Cagliari 2018 - 2018

    FPGA Engineer - Internship

    Internship at my own Department. My primary task was to configure Ubuntu Embedded and to work on the first stages of an hardware CNN accelerator porting on a Xilinx Ultrascale+ ZCU102 in order to use in a more effective and efficient way the hardware capabilities of the new board. The original CNN accelerator has been also used during my thesis work.

  • ELITECH di Franco Dalmonte 2008 - 2008

    Software Developer - Stage

    This was an High School stage related to a \School-Work\ project strongly based on software development where I improved an internal application (based on Visual Basic for Application on Excel) used to keep track of the services choosen by every customers.


Version Control Systems (Git, SVN)
Firmware Development
Software Development